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Mercer Mettl Test Online Preparation, Tips & Free Sample Questions – 2023

Aptitude Tests Preparation

What Is the Mettl Test?

Mercer Mettl (Mercer | Mettl) formerly known simply as Mettl is a producer of aptitude and psychometric tests, as well as a player in the fields of talent acquisition and professional development.

They serve over 4,000 clients in 80 countries. They provide tests to multiple industries. Their client list includes names such as Toshiba, Starbucks, Travelguru, Apollo credit, and Future Generali. For a company that has only been in existence for 10 years, they have made huge strides in becoming a major player in the field of test production. Mercer Mettl has taken years of research by organizational psychologists and expanded on these theories to provide unique and detailed tests.  They have become so prolific, that if you are a job-seeker there is a good chance you will eventually take one of the tests designed by Mercer Mettl.

Mercer Mettl uses 5 core brain functions to design their assessment tests. These 5 areas are:

  • Attention
  • Speed
  • Memory
  • Visualization

The tests are then categorized as Crystallized or Fluid reasoning.

Crystallized reasoning includes memory recall and information retrieval. The tests in this category look at how you use information acquired over your lifetime. Tests in this category are:

  • Language and Comprehension – This verbal reasoning exam is used to measure a candidate’s language ability, such as the ability to analyze information, comprehend a sentence, and use proper grammar to express themself. It can be used in several countries for a variety of languages. This test is 30 questions and is designed to take 30 minutes to complete.
  • Reasoning Ability – This test was developed to measure problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills. These tests measure Logical Reasoning and how well test-takers can interpret patterns and find a solution, as well as Analytical Reasoning, the ability to think outside the box.
  • Decision Making and Judgment – This SJT test is a career simulating case-study. Candidates will be presented with a case study related to the job they are applying for, and they will need to analyze it and provide conclusions. This test is automated and will be performed online.
    Fluid Reasoning tests measure an individual’s ability to learn and incorporate new concepts. It also analyzes how well a test-taker can problem solve in a new or unique situation.
  • Abstract Reasoning Abstract or lateral reasoning is the ability to find a unique way to solve a problem or come to a logical conclusion using a limited amount of information. For this test, individuals will be presented with geometric shapes in separate cells that change slightly from cell to cell, with one cell that is empty. You must determine what the next cell should contain by interpreting the rules in the way the shapes change from cell to cell.
  • Spatial Reasoning This exam is often used for people in design, engineering, and architectural roles. It involves being able to manipulate shapes, match, or combine them. It requires strong visualization skills, as well as strong critical thinking abilities.


Mercer Mettl Psychometric Tests

In addition to their aptitude tests, Mercer Mettl has also developed several personality profiles to help companies find personalities that are the best first for their corporate culture. They offer four styles of personality profile, based on different aspects that are important when making hiring decisions.

  • Positive Personality Traits – The Mettle Personality Profiler uses the Big 5 traits of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. They have further expanded on these and use an 86-point scale to build a personality profile. This test was designed to be customizable for the company and industry making use of it.
  • Dark Personality Traits – This personality profile was developed to look for any negative traits that could prove to be detrimental or even dangerous in the workplace. The Mettle Dark Personality Profile measures the 6 negative traits of opportunism, self-obsession, impulsiveness, insensitivity, temperamental, and thrill-seeking.
  • Motivation, Value, Preferences – This is a personality inventory made to see what motivates an individual to excel at work. This test is 10 minutes long and made up of questions that gauge the 3 major needs of sustainability, relatedness, and growth.
  • Cognitive Ability The aptitude tests previously described fall into this category.


Companies That Use Mettl Tests

These are some of the many companies that use Mettl psychometric tests:

BCS Uber Comviva Holostik
CSC UPES Finaxar Opteamix Optimizely People Source
CSG Adobe Fujitsu PLUMgrid Ritu Kumar Rolling Arrays
EXL BVIMR Nasscom AlgoShack SABMiller Jazeera Airways
FIS Merck PepsiCo ALP Group Talent Fit Neev Technology
ITI Wibmo Samsung Capgemini American Express
MTS Wipro Sapient Cinepolis HummingWave Ghent University
OLX Zydus Toshiba Cognizant MagicBricks KPIT Technologies
SAP Abbott Vedanta Impactiva TC Infotech Pacifica Companies
BRAC Amdocs Vedantu Infollion Sopra Steria Food Safety Training
Exfo Avizva Amplifon Kony Labs Apollo Munich Jindal Steel & Power
Ikya Canopy AUTODESK Lufthansa BBVA Bancomer Absolutdata Analytics
L&T enonic BACKBASE Microsoft Fusion Charts Takshi Auto Components
NIIT Icreon Brain4ce SVG Media Berger Paints HRX Consulting
PayU Matomo Comparex Accenture CargoChief FreelancerCoin
SRF Pfizer Frontier Fidelity


How to Prepare for the Mercer Mettl Assessments?

The Mercer Mettl assessment tests sound complex. Preparing for them does not have to be. You can study for the tests to help prime your brain and ensure a high score. Since some reasoning tests are based on concepts you may have learned a long time ago, refreshing your vocabulary, or math skills is a must. Just the act of studying will help you recall things you thought you had forgotten. Reading and doing crosswords can help you with your grammar and vocabulary skills. You can sharpen your logical reasoning abilities by working on logic puzzles or sudoku. The abstract reasoning or spatial awareness tests may seem to make no sense the first time you see them. Prepare yourself for these by using online resources to help you see what to expect from these tests.

There is no way to study for a psychological profile, but you can study the company you have applied with, and their expectations. Never try to “cheat” a personality test by choosing the answers you think the company wants to see. Test design companies like Mercer Mettl have built-in safeguards to prevent this from happening. Answer honestly but answer as though you are on the job.

Online assessments and psychometric tests have become a major part of talent acquisition. They are useful in showing which candidates are worth interviewing, and who has the best chance of success. They help prevent employee turnover and can greatly improve the work environment by identifying the candidates who fit in the best with the company culture. Keep this in mind if you find out you are going to be taking assessment tests provided by Mercer Mettl. The on-line assessments do not just tell people if you are right for the job. It also lets you know if the job is right for you.


Mettl Sample Questions:

Practice the following simple level example questions:

Verbal Reasoning Example

Make this sentence grammatically correct.

“He didn’t know nothing about gardening, but he tried it anyway.”

  1. Knew
  2. Anything
  3. Anyways
  4. Try


Reasoning Ability Example

“All toads are frogs, not all frogs are toads but they are all amphibians”

1. The only amphibians in the world are toads and frogs
2. Toads are frogs, and also amphibians

Which conclusion makes sense based on the information?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 1 and 2





Verbal Reasoning – The correct answer is B.
Reasoning Ability – The correct answer is B.

In the real assessment most of the questions will be in a higher difficulty level.