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Ergometrics Public Safety Tests Preparation 2024

Assessment Test

If you’re applying for a position within public safety, you’ll probably be asked to take an Ergometrics Public Safety Exam, otherwise known as an “Ergo Test.” Ergometrics testing is designed to help identify the most qualified individuals. After all, if you’ll be defending the public, it’s of crucial importance that you’re capable of performing your duties properly.


What Is an Ergometrics Test?

Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc. is a U.S.-based human resources management firm that has designed a series of pre-employment screening tests for job-seekers and graduates.

Not only do these psychometric tests contain an aptitude component, but they also contain a video component. These online video modules present scenarios and ask applicants to submit their responses. These simulations allow employers to test a candidate’s judgment in situations they’re likely to encounter while on the job.


Ergometrics Public Safety Exams:

There are four main Ergometrics tests including the FIREteam for firefighters, the FrontLine National for police officers, the REACT for correctional officers, and lastly, the ECOMM National for emergency communications operators. We explain each below.

  • FireTEAM for Firefighters
    Administered nationwide, the FireTEAM aptitude assessment contains four sections, verbal reasoning, mathematical ability, mechanical skills, and human relations, the last of which contains the video modules. As a fireman, not only will you have to know how to react when you get to a burning building, but you’ll also need to know how to extract information from reports and calculate how much water you’ll need.
  • FrontLine National for Law Enforcement
    The most common police exam in the country, the FrontLine National contains three sections and lasts a total of two hours and twenty minutes. It contains a situational judgment component, a reading test, and a report-writing assessment.
  • REACT for Corrections Officer
    This test contains a report-writing component, a reading comprehension section, a human relations simulations evaluation, and a test.
  • ECOMM National for Emergency Communications Operators
    Candidates will be asked to complete a CallTaker video simulations test, a listening comprehension test, and a multitasking test. Emergency Communications Officers need to know how to process a large amount of information very quickly without making any errors. So, the onboarding process involves tests designed to see whether you can handle the pressure.


How to Pass an Ergometrics Test?

If you’re preparing for an Ergometrics public safety test, you’ll want to go over an Ergometrics practice test. While you can answer many questions using common sense, you’ll feel much more at ease going into the assessment center if you’ve prepared with an Ergometrics study guide and read up any relevant tips.