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Ergometrics’ FireTEAM Test Preparation 2024

Firefighter Job Test Practice

If you’d like to secure a job as a firefighter in the U.S., you’ll have to take the Ergometrics FireTEAM test, a pre-employment screening test designed to test whether you have the skills required to accept the position.

During the psychometric exam, you’ll be asked to complete a reading and math assessment. You’ll also need to demonstrate a basic knowledge of mechanics. The most interesting portion of the test though is the FireTEAM human relations video test, in which you’ll be presented with a situation you might encounter on the job and asked to give your response.


What Is the FireTEAM Test?

It’s not easy fighting fire. Not only do you need a good deal of courage, but you’ll also need to know how to make good judgement calls under extremely high pressure. That’s why many fire stations across the U.S. now require the Ergometrics FireTeam test.

The fire house doesn’t have the time to teach you how to use a wrench or a fire flapper. You’re expected to know how to use your hands before you arrive. They’re happy to train new employees, but you’ll have to have had some experience before arriving or be prepared to study well before the exam.

After all, you can’t take a chance on a shortsighted, senseless employee when lives are at stake. While you may not need to graduate from Harvard to apply for a job at a fire department, you will need to demonstrate verbal and mathematical reasoning as well as good judgment.


What Is on the Firefighter Ergometrics Test?

  • FireTEAM Video-Based Human Relations Test
    While you will need to be strong and courageous, it’s perhaps even more important that you know how to interact with your colleagues and superiors on the job. Known as the human relations portion of the test, this section will ask you to react to a series of situations you might encounter while on the job. Whether you’re managing a team of employees or speaking with civilians, you’ll need to use good judgment at all times.
  • FireTEAM Mechanical Test
    If you’ve ever looked at an electrical panel and had no idea what you were looking at, you’ll be in trouble. You’ll need to have a basic understanding of electricity and mechanics if you’re going to join a fire department.
  • FireTEAM Math Test
    You might not need to find limits or manipulate quadratic equations, but you will need to be able to perform calculations in your head both quickly and accurately. Whether you’re calculating how much water you’ll need or handling complicated machinery, you’ll need to use a bit of math.
  • FireTEAM Verbal Test
    If you can’t read and write reports, you won’t be able to effectively communicate with your colleagues.


How to Pass the Ergometrics Test?

Unless you’ve volunteered at a fire department before and you’re familiar with the ropes, you’ll really want to find a FireTEAM test study guide to review some of the questions and answers found on the test.

Even if you have had some experience in the field, you may not have been expected to make important decisions on your own. It’s important that you take some time to prepare so that you feel ready when you arrive at the assessment center. Plus, the officials that proctor your exam may, in fact, be on the hiring committee reviewing your file. You’ll want to make sure you’re confident so that you can make a positive impression right from the start.


FireTEAM Test Tips:

  1. Please don’t tap your foot or pen during the exam. Even if you are nervous, you don’t want to let everyone else know that. Plus, you’ll irritate the exam proctor and other job-seekers.
  2. Eliminate all distractions. Turn off your phone and any other electronic devices. Because the first section of the exam is video-based, it’s of crucial importance that you listen carefully. If you miss a few words, you could miss important information.
  3. You’re welcome to engage in pleasantries when entering the exam room. However, please refrain from talking when the proctor begins to give instructions.
  4. Take advantage of the practice materials on the official FireTEAM website. They provide 30 free practice questions for a reason.


Last Thoughts:

Firefighting is a noble profession, and if it’s your passion, then we encourage you to pursue your dreams. That being said, make sure not to walk into the exam unprepared. You want to make sure that you stand out from the rest of the candidates from the very start of the hiring process, and your exam grades are an important part of your application. So, make sure to take the assessment seriously, and make sure to prepare adequately beforehand.