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Cubiks Logiks Tests & Assessment Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Tests Preparation

The Cubiks Logiks battery of tests is another popular choice for employers since it is versatile but challenging and gives a good picture of a prospective employee’s true ability. Cubiks offers solid options for testing the basic reasoning skills and personality of candidates, so employers often use it for pre-employment testing and to gain an understanding of what training or development will be needed for a given individual once hired.


What Are the Cubiks Logiks Tests?

The Cubiks Logiks group has five different tests: General (Intermediate), General (Advanced), Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and PAPI—Personality and Preference Inventory. This article covers the Numerical, Verbal, and Abstract Reasoning tests as well as the PAPI. There are separate articles that cover both General Logiks tests, so those will not be discussed here.


What Are the Sections of the Cubiks Logiks Assessment?

Now that you know what Cubiks Logiks tests are, the next step is to understand what you should expect. Knowing what is ahead of you can help in preparation, an important key to being ready for your Cubiks Logiks Tests. The things you can expect are broken down by exam below.

Numerical Reasoning

This exam tests job-seekers’ and graduates’ mathematical and analytical skills. It requires those taking the assessment to perform basic mathematical calculations in addition to reading graphs, pie charts, tables, and other types of diagrams. The exam is an advanced reasoning exam.

On the Numerical Reasoning exam, all the information you need to solve the problem is contained within the problem itself. Usually, it will be presented in graphs, pie charts, tables, or other diagrams. There will be six different options per question, and the calculations required to get the answer range from simple to complex. You may need to deal with percentages, ratios, or financial calculations, and the problems themselves come as algebra word problems or numerical series questions. Familiarity with the use of the four basic math operations is a necessity.

The advanced reasoning exam contains twenty questions and is timed. Applicants will have twenty-five minutes to complete all twenty questions, so time management is important for this and all other reasoning exams by Cubiks.

Get prepared for the Cubiks numerical test here.

Verbal Reasoning

This test requires applicants to demonstrate the ability to quickly comprehend and utilize written info. Applicants will read sections of text and answer the multiple-choice questions following. Typically, there are three questions per section of text with four options to a piece. Test-takers may encounter topics including politics, economics, science, and more. It, like the Numerical Reasoning exam, is an advanced reasoning exam.

With Verbal Reasoning exams, the key is to read each text carefully. As mentioned earlier, the topics vary quite a bit. Typically, each text will only have three questions about it, and the questions could focus on what was in the text, the subject of the text, or even on what wasn’t in the text. This makes it crucial to understand everything provided in the text. Answers are formatted as statements not as the usual true, false, or cannot say, making the questions a bit harder.

The exam is comprised of thirty-six questions with a limit of twenty-five minutes. This means you will be required to read and understand twelve different passages and answer questions on them within the twenty-five minutes.

Learn more about the Cubiks verbal reasoning test here.

Abstract Reasoning

This test examines an applicant’s analytical and logical thinking. Given a series of diagrams, applicants must identify the relationships that create the order and select a diagram completing the series. Diagrams are composed of differing shapes in black or white. As with the preceding two exams, it is an advanced reasoning exam.

The Abstract Reasoning exam is all about relationships and logical thinking. The diagrams, which are comprised of different shapes that can be either black or white, hold the key to determining the patterns needed to answer questions. Patterns can be rotations, symbols, shapes, or other items.

The test has thirty questions and a challenging time limit of fifteen minutes. Keeping a close eye on the time is crucial with this assessment in particular. Work quickly and efficiently.


The Personality and Preference Inventory is an interactive test that offers employers a better understanding of a given candidate’s personality. It is made up of questions testing work behaviors and tendencies. Sales Position and Leadership is the most commonly used PAPI. The exam is split into two different types based on length.

This test, unlike the others, is not timed. The questions are statements that applicants respond to with their level of agreement. The timing varies depending on which test is offered. PAPI N usually takes applicants anywhere from twenty-five to thirty minutes, while the PAPI I takes closer to thirty to thirty-five minutes.


How to Prepare for Cubiks Logiks Tests?

The Cubiks Logiks tests provide a unique challenge for test-takers because they require quick analytical and problem-solving abilities. They also judge speed and accuracy on two or three entirely different topics, which further stretches applicants taking the exams. However, with proper time and effort, applicants can achieve good scores on the assessments.


Tips for Excellence

Below are some suggestions for making the most of your practice and preparation time. Review them to see if some will work well for you.

  • Practice solving equations and algebraic word problems.
  • Work with numerical data.
  • Solve crosswords and play word games.
  • Play logic games or complete logic puzzles.
  • Practice finding patterns and connections between sets of abstract data.
  • Look at example problems and solutions others have completed in areas where you struggle.


Companies That Use Cubiks Tests

These are some of the many companies that use Cubiks exams:

Deloitte KPMG Ernst & Young Deutsche bank  3M
HSBC Citi NHS Danske Bank Shell
McKinsey PwC European Investment Bank Electrolux BMW
Nordea ECCO EON Arla Bain & Co.
IBM Microsoft TeleTech (TTEC) Arcadis DHL
Scania Audi The National Audit Office in the UK



The keys to success are in your reach. Stay calm and practice. If you can prepare efficiently and make sure you are able to work well within the Cubiks Logiks time limits, you will be well prepared to ace your exams. Above all, do not panic over the difficulty of the tests. You are able to do this if you put in the effort and the practice.


Free Cubiks Style Practice Questions

Numerical Reasoning Sample Questions

Below, you’ll find a few online practice problems to get you started. Treat these questions as a diagnostic. Try solving these on your own to see where you stand and how much more preparation you’ll need to do before you head off to the assessment centre.

  1. Fleur’s beauty products are now offering 35% more shampoo in every bottle. If now they have 26oz., how much did they have originally?
    1. 65 oz.
    2. 9 oz.
    3. 1oz.
    4. 26oz.
  2. What is the missing number in this series?
    2, 5, 5, 15, 8, 45, X
    1. 45
    2. 11
    3. 135
    4. 9
  3. If today one U.S. dollar is equal to 0.88 euros, how many euros can you buy for 200 USD?
    1. 188 EUR
    2. 88 EUR
    3. 27 EUR
    4. 176 EUR


Abstract Reasoning Example Questions

Choose the pattern that best completes the sequence or matrix.

  1. Inductive Reasoning question 3Inductive Reasoning answer 3
  2. Inductive Reasoning Test prep question 4Inductive Reasoning answer 4
  3. Inductive Reasoning Test question 5Inductive Reasoning answer 5


Verbal Reasoning Sample Questions

  1. How would you edit the underlined portion in the sentence below?
    You smile just like your mother.
    1. like her.
    2. as your mother does.
    3. as her.
    4. No change
  2. As used in the sentence below, abdicate is the opposite of which of the
    following words?
    I was shocked that my supervisor would abdicate her responsibilities,
    leaving me to pick up the slack.
    1. Renounce
    2. Abide by
    3. Pursue
    4. Retai
  3. What does the underlined word mean in this context?
    The town functioned independently of the state managing all public
    facilities according to the municipality’s own constitution.
    1. Not belonging to a political party
    2. Not supported by public funds
    3. self-reliant and determined
    4. Free from outside control



Numerical Answers

  1. 19.26 oz.- You would have had to multiply the original amount by 1.35 to arrive at the number 26. So, to find the original amount, you divide 26 by 1.35.
  2. 11-The series uses two different rules. Each odd term increases by three while each even term increases 3 times.
  3. 176 EUR- Multiply 200 USD by 0.88 EUR to find your answer. Alternatively, you could set up a proportion and solve.


Abstract Reasoning Answers

  1. A
  2. D
  3. B



Verbal Reasoning Answers

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D