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State Trooper Exam Preparation 2024

State Trooper and State Police Exam

Do you have an interest in being a law enforcement professional? You might want to consider becoming a State Trooper.

What Is a State Trooper?

State Troopers, sometimes called State Police, are responsible for ensuring that drivers adhere to the laws of the road.  Much of their functions are similar to that of the police, as they can issue tickets and citations, arrest criminals, direct traffic and lend a helping hand when accidents occur.

What Steps do I Take to Become a State Trooper?

Hiring and training procedures are similar to that of a police officer. At the very least job seekers interested in this profession should be a US citizen that has completed high school, be 19 or 21 and over (depending on the state) and have a valid driver’s license. If you are a college graduate and/or you have experience in the military, it is a plus. It should be noted that the field is extremely competitive.

If you have met the minimum requirements, fill out the application form and submit it. Following submission, a screening will take place prior to admission to the academy. You will be required to do a number of pre-employment exams to assess your aptitude in a few key areas. The academy has a wash-out rate of 25-50% and therefore only the best of the best will be admitted following the assessment. Candidates are expected to pass a written exam in the form of a basic abilities test, a physical abilities test and a psychometric analysis, as well as have a squeaky-clean record.

The exams will vary from state to state. New York for example, administers the EB Jacobs LEAB Exam, while in Texas the exam is more basic, testing skills like grammar, reading comprehension and mathematical skills.

How to Pass the State Trooper Tests?

There is a simple one-word answer to this question, and that is preparation.  A quick online search will open your eyes to a wide selection of preparation materials including practice questions and answers as well as tips to pass the various exam components.


Just as you would prepare for a job interview or an exam in school, you need to prepare thoroughly for the State Trooper Exam. There are many resources online that offer assistance in helping you prepare for your exam and it would be in your best interest to utilize these resources. Find more information and practice materials on our Civil Service Exams Study guide.