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2024’s Online Preparation for the Development Dimensions International (DDI) Assessment Test

ddi assessment test

Employers have found numerous ways to assess the large volumes of job seekers who apply for jobs at their organizations on a monthly basis. Development Dimensions International, otherwise known as DDI has devised a number of assessments, cumulatively known as the DDI test. If you are in the market for a job and suspect that your prospective employer may be administering the DDI assessment, below is everything you need to know about acing the assessment.

What Is Development Dimensions International?

Development Dimensions International is an international consultancy founded in 1970 by organisational psychologists Dr. William Byham and Dr. Douglas Bray. DDI is known for the introduction of utilizing assessment centers to aid in the process of identifying various leadership attributes. DDI specializes in leadership development and human resources. DDI helps companies, large and small to facilitate leadership related changes, which include leadership succession, execution, and performance.

What Are the Different Development Dimensions International Test?

DDI offers a series of different assessments, listed below are the most common tests provided.

Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART)

Administered in a stunning 90 countries to 200,000 people every single year, the DDI Adaptive Reasoning Test is an online assessment made up of about 15 questions. The test is purely visual with no words. The candidate is presented with a series of shapes arranged in patterns. The candidate is required to solve the patterns utilizing a process DDI has coined as “figural reasoning”, which is a person’s ability to reason and draw conclusions that are then used to make decisions from abstract pieces of information. The name is derived from the fact that the questions increase in difficulty (adapt) based on the candidate’s response to each question.

Career Battery

The Career Battery is a series of pre-employment psychometric assessments utilized in screening job applications (usually large numbers), and in some cases to assist in the promotion of persons already employed to the organization.  This assessment is used in scenarios with large candidate pools to assist employers in increasing their application processing speed. The Career Battery assesses the candidate’s personal experience, decision making, and self-management.

  • Self-Management: These questions will ask you whether you agree or disagree with the given statement.
  • Decision-Making: These questions will present you with difficult situations that might come up in an office, and they’ll ask you to respond with what you think you might do in such a situation.
  • Personal Experience: These questions will require you to select from a series of choices to describe your past career experience.

Readiness Assessment

These are personality tests which are used to assess a candidate’s potential in leadership and sales positions. Because the DDI leadership assessment and DDI sales assessment are tailored toward specific positions, these exams will test whether, given your strengths and weaknesses, you’re suited for such a job.

Tip: Don’t assume that you can’t prepare for a DDI personality test. While you can’t necessarily change your personality all that much, you’ll still want to make sure you present yourself in the best possible way.

Skills Test

DDI also offers skills tests designed to test knowledge in very specific fields, such as finance, accounting, software, legal, retail, food service, and healthcare.

Insight Inventory

The DDI Insight Inventory is unique insofar as it assesses personality traits of current employees to help managers see where they stand and where they can improve. Rather than screening graduates and job-seekers to see whether they’re compatible with the company culture, these results actually help current leaders to assess themselves honestly.

  • Leader Insight Inventory: Mid-Level Supervisors & Managers
  • Sales Insight Inventory: Sales Roles
  • Professional Insight Inventory: Positions Staffed by University Graduates

Situational Judgment Test

DDI Situational Judgment Tests are used to determine whether you know how to respond appropriately to various events that might arise during your time on the job. These DDI test questions are designed to see how you prioritize tasks, organize your workload, adapt to changing circumstances, effectively handle the needs of callers and visitors, and take initiative when there’s an issue to be addressed.

Employers often administer this DDI test to candidates applying for entry-level positions. Because applicants for an entry-level position usually don’t have too much work experience, these simple assessments can help determine whether they have the maturity level and prudence to react properly when faced with angry customers, for instance.

You’ll be given 25-50 scenarios and asked to answer one to three questions with anywhere from three to five answer choices. You’ll either need to choose the most suitable answer choice, mark the least suitable answer choice, or rank the choices in order of propriety.

In the past, you might have been asked similar situations in a job interview. This will be more or less the same except for you’ll have far more questions to answer, and you’ll be reading the questions rather than speaking to the manager directly.


How to Pass the Development Dimensions International Test?

As the job market grows more competitive with an increase in the number of college graduates, employers have devised more innovative ways to screen their prospects. Testing has become a popular way, especially as it helps to maintain fairness, maintaining an equal opportunity for just about all qualified applicants.

Just like any other test, it is strongly recommended that candidates prepare well. Preparation is the key to success. The DDI assessment tips may be of some value to anyone invited to take a DDI test:

  • Study Guide Purchase/look up online
  • Online Forums – Speak to persons who have sat for the tests before. They may be able to share some words of wisdom.
  • Practice Tests – Review practice questions and answers, comparing the prescribed answers with your own answers. This might provide some insight into areas, which should be improved.
  • Feedback – seek feedback from your peers or online. Share your answers with them; they might just have a different point of view.

Companies That Use DDI’s Assessments

These are some of the many companies that use the Development Dimensions International test:

UnitedHealth Group Progressive General Motors Walgreens UPS Target
Allstate Coca Cola Nestlé Dell ArcelorMittal Northrop Grumman


The job market has become ridiculously competitive, and it requires job seekers to up their ante. Remain focused and keep grinding. No exam is too hard.

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