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ArcelorMittal Assessment Tests & Recruitment Process Online Preparation – 2024

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is ArcelorMittal?

The second largest steel producer in the world, ArcelorMittal is headquartered in Luxembourg City. Formed by Arcelor’s takeover of Mittal Steel in 2006, it produces 88 million tons of crude steel annually. It has a presence in 60 countries in mining and steel production and as of 2021 has over 150,000 employees.

ArcelorMittal offers both graduate and student and traditional career opportunities. There are positions in various engineering fields, opportunities for mining professionals, and corporate positions in finance, human resources, law, and more. ArcelorMittal offers employee pension schemes, holiday pay, and opportunities to grow your career by working internationally.


What Is ArcelorMittal’s Hiring Process?

Search for open positions on the ArcelorMittal career site. If you do not see anything you are qualified for or interested in, you can create a profile and list your preferences to receive alerts. Unsolicited applications are not recommended and the company recommends applying for open positions and signing up for job alerts.

If your application is accepted you will be contacted for a telephone interview. Telephone interviews generally last around 25-30 minutes. During this call, a member of the recruitment team will go over the information from your resume. They will ask questions about your work history and ask for clarification on any other information they need.

Many candidates will need to complete pre-hire assessments as part of the hiring process. These are computer-based tests, and you may be required to go to a testing center or be sent a link to take the tests from your home computer, depending on your location.

Your test scores will determine if you are invited to an interview. ArcelorMittal uses several different interview formats. You may be asked for a video interview, which is done either through pre-recorded questions or a platform like Skype. Face-to-face interviews may be one on one or done in a panel style with several different interviewers. These can last as long as 2 hours. Group interviews are also common. These usually include around 10 interviewees who are interviewed by several different managers and recruiters. Group interviews frequently include a group presentation or other group exercises.


ArcelorMittal’s Aptitude Tests

Online assessments are a tool used to make sure candidates have the cognitive capability to learn quickly and perform the job well. The online aptitude tests are designed to test the skills that are proven to be predictors of job success. With the variety of positions at ArcelorMittal, there are a number of different tests that are used. Here are a few of the tests that are used the most frequently.

  • Numerical Reasoning Test In this assessment, you will show how well you can work with numbers. You will use numbers given to you in tables and graphs to solve word problems. These problems may be simple addition or subtraction, or more difficult like rations and percentages depending on the type of job you are testing for. This is a multiple-choice test and will be timed.
  • Abstract Reasoning TestThis test is all about finding patterns and deductive reasoning. You will be presented with a series of changing shapes or patterns, and you will need to correctly identify the next shape in the sequence. Like most assessments, this is multiple-choice, and you will be working under a time limit.
  • Verbal TestThis test is reserved for roles in which you must be fluent in spoken and written English. It covers basic language skills, along with language that is specific to your field.


How to Prepare for ArcelorMittal’s Assessment Test?

Put your best foot forward by studying for the assessments so you can be the number one candidate. Start by learning as much about the job and the company as you can. This not only gives you a good understanding of the corporate environment but gives you an idea of the areas you need to be strongest in for testing.

Word problems for students will help you with your numerical reasoning skills. You can find examples online, or in old study materials you may have kept. Flashcards are good for sharpening mental math skills, along with practicing estimation, so you can answer quickly and not waste time on difficult problems. To practice abstract reasoning, you can find an app that mimics an IQ test, this type of app often has abstract reasoning problems. When you practice, set a timer so you are used to working with a time limit. Finally, study in a quiet area so you can concentrate and give all your attention to test preparation.