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DDI Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART) Online Preparation – 2024

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Since its creation in 2012, DDI’s Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART) has maintained its status as one of the most popular pre-hire cognitive assessment tests. A major part of this popularity is the adaptive nature of the test which allows for more accurate scoring, less testing bias, and greater consistency in test takers across the globe.

DDI specializes in developing leadership testing. Many of their assessments are designed to cultivate leadership during hiring. Their tests are also used as a tool for promotion within the companies using the tests. The DDI ART is one of the tests they have developed that may be used both during hiring and for internal advancement.


What Is the DDI ART?

The DDI ART is a figural reasoning test. The test takers’ abstract reasoning abilities are tested by using symbols and matrices all of which follow a pattern. The test taker must use the visual information they are given to decipher the pattern and find the missing segment, or the next step in the sequence.

What makes the ART different is the adaptive nature of the test. The difficulty of the test depends on the performance of the test subject. If they answer a question correctly, the next question will be more difficult, an incorrect answer results in a less difficult question. The test customizes itself to the test taker based on their level of cognitive ability.

The DDI ART is used as a predictor of job success. Figural reasoning helps demonstrate your ability to see patterns and determine the “rules’ within a set of images. This is indicative of your ability to problem solve and think of a solution when given limited information.


What Is the Test Experience Like?

The DDI ART is a multiple-choice test. You will have limited time to focus on each question, as the test is operating on a timer. Generally, the test consists of 15 questions, and you have about 2.5 minutes to answer each question. No two patterns on the test are exactly the same. They all follow their own sets of rules and require outside of the box thinking to solve.


Tips for Taking the DDI Adaptive Reasoning Test

Figural Reasoning can look like a jumbled mess, since each question is made up of various shapes. This is what throws people out of sorts and makes these questions seem impossible to solve.

Everything on the test follows a set of rules. Remember these may have to do with rotation, order, and even color. Focus on the pattern in pieces, start with the shapes, then move to position, then color. Focusing on each piece individually, instead of trying to absorb the entire picture at once, helps make sense of the images and makes it easier to spot patterns.

Don’t focus on the time. The test is timed, but rather than allow that to distract you, simply focus on the problem at hand. You will find that when you focus on the questions instead of focusing on the clock you will improve your speed and accuracy.

Practice working with patterns. Before taking the test, use pattern finding brain games to strengthen your figurative reasoning skills. Don’t just look for figurative reasoning problems. Look for things that help you learn to find patterns. Sudoku and other puzzles work on the same principle using numbers instead of shapes.