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Practice School Secretary Tests 2024

School Secretary Test Practice

Do you consider yourself organized? Do you have a keen eye for the small details? Are you a people-person? If you answered yes to all three of the above questions, you might just want to consider becoming a school secretary.

What Is The Role of a School Secretary?

The school secretary is essentially the face of a school and is typically the first point of contact in a school’s office. Depending on the type of institution, the role of the secretary might be different, but typically, duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Buzzing in visitors during school hours.
  • Answering the telephone.
  • Handling queries.
  • Managing the schedules of senior staff.
  • Filing records, including attendance and grades.

What Steps do I Take to Become a School Secretary?

The hiring process is quite straightforward. At the very least, it is expected that job seekers interested in this profession should hold a high school diploma, although some states prefer college graduates. However, formal qualifications are not considered to be paramount. Personality, skills and experience top the list.

Passing the Civil Service School Secretary Test, or Clerical Skills Test for School Districts as it is called in some areas is definitely a plus if you are seeking a job as a school secretary. The test assesses the candidate’s aptitude in a number of key areas for the role. The skills you may expect to be assessed are:

  • English vocabulary and grammar – tests the candidate’s ability to spell as well as their knowledge of correct grammar use.
  • Keyboarding practices – tests the candidate’s typing speed, formatting styles of various documents such as letters, along with proofreading exercises.
  • Knowledge of standard office procedures – tests the candidate’s knowledge of the required tools and methods required to complete office tasks.
  • Record keeping – tests the candidate’s ability to read charts, graphs, and any other record keeping instrument.
  • Situation Analysis – a psychometric analysis of handling situations arising in the office.

These skills may be assessed via a written exam or via a practical exam, this is, of course, dependent on the skill in question.

It was recently announced, by the Department of Education, that the school secretary exam is no longer mandatory.  Qualification for the job is now based on education and experience.

How to Pass the School Secretary Test?

Preparation is key to ensuring you ace the school secretary test. There are quite a few resources, which you might consider to be beneficial in your preparation process. Secretary practice tests are always a good place to start, many of which will provide both the questions and answers. Before tackling the tests, reading study guides should help to make a world of a difference, as they would contain tips that may help to point you in the right direction.


Prepare for this exam just as you would any other. Consult as much reading material as you possibly can. There are a plethora of resources out there online and it would most certainly be a shame if they were not put to use.