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Free Wonderlic Practice Test, Sample Questions & Tips – 2024’s Study Guide

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Wonderlic has been at the forefront of organizational psychology and psychometric testing since 1937. Many companies look to Wonderlic for hiring solutions. The Wonderlic Personel test, also known just as the Wonderlic, is a simple cognitive ability assessment that essentially functions as an I.Q. test. While hiring managers won’t necessarily make hiring decisions solely based on test results, these scores help them to identify promising candidates more quickly and employ talented individuals more efficiently.

Though the Wonderlic assessment is difficult, with our free online practice test, you’ll be able to start preparing right away. So read through this page to learn all about the format and goals of the test, and then click through to our sample Wonderlic test to see how ready you are for the assessment center.


What Is the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic exam is a pre-employment psychometric test designed for job-seekers. The standard Wonderlic lasts for a total of 12 minutes and contains 50 questions, and the shorter version of the assessment, known as the Wonderlic Quicktest, lasts only 8 minutes and contains 30 questions.

While different in length, these two exams are otherwise identical, and chances are high that if you are asked to take the shorter assessment, you’ll be given the longer one afterward if you succeed.

Your employer will send you a link directly to the exam, and you’ll be able to complete the entire assessment online. The company will be notified when you begin the test, and they’ll be able to view your results as soon as you finish.

The Wonderlic contains questions on basic mathematics, general knowledge, verbal comprehension, and logic, and all of the questions are multiple choice in format. The questions are not in any specific order, nor do you have to answer them in any specific order. You’re welcome to flip through the questions and answer them as you see fit.

Since every question is worth the same amount of points, there is no incentive to answer more complicated questions first. On the basic Wonderlic exam, each question is worth one point, and on the quicktest, each question is worth 1.66 points. No points, however, are deducted for incorrect answers, so you can feel free to guess on any questions you don’t know.


Why Do I Need to Take the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic exam is supposed to be a simplified version of the general I.Q. test. Developed by Eldon Wonderlic at Northwestern University, this graduate-level assessment was, indeed, created by a trained psychologist.

Wonderlic wanted to provide employers with a reliable way to assess and screen new hires. Most modern psychologists believe that intelligence, perhaps more than any other metric can help determine future success. While there are, undoubtedly, other factors that come into play, these cannot negate the importance of raw intelligence not only in the academic world, but the professional one as well.

Administered online, this aptitude assessment also gives employers an objective method by which they can evaluate applicants. Unfortunately, resumes often look very similar. It’s pretty difficult for a hiring manager to learn anything significant from a basic application. Moreover, it’s becoming harder and harder to compare different resumes because people today tend to fill empty space with many of the same pointless buzzwords and hackneyed nonsense.

The Wonderlic evens the playing field. It helps to eliminate bias, and it provides a company with a standard by which it can evaluate all of its candidates equally.

Employers looking to fill a position often find themselves with more applications than they can handle. Simply by requiring interested candidates to complete an exam, employers can filter out a large percentage of uninterested applicants. After all, if someone isn’t at least willing to take a 12-minute assessment, he must not have been all that interested in the position in the first place.

Remember that the hiring process costs companies a lot of money. The more quickly they can find the person they need, the less money and effort they’re going to waste reading resumes and cover letters.


Other Tests Offered by Wonderlic

Although best known for their Wonderlic Personnel Test, this is not the only test provided by Wonderlic that you may encounter while on your job search. They have several other tests that are also routinely used by employers.

  • Wonderlic WonScore: The newest addition to their testing suite, the WonScore combines the results from 3 separate tests into one score. This saves time and allows employers to see who did best overall, instead of juggling multiple scores. The WonScore measures cognitive ability, motivation, and includes a personality survey.
  • The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST): This is a basic skills assessment test used to gauge an individual’s aptitude in language and numerical reasoning. It is used both as a simple pre-employment exam and as an entry test for scholastic programs.
  • Wonderlic General Assessment Of Instructional Needs (GAIN): This test is given to individuals to test their basic language and mathematical knowledge. This test is used in workforce development programs, correctional facilities, and literacy programs.
  • Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE): This is a cognitive exam given to college applicants and new graduates who are about to join the workforce.


Companies That Use the Wonderlic

These are some of the many companies that use Wonderlic assessment:

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative Police Officers DURACELL easyJet Swift
Tampa Bay Animal & Bird Hospital Blender Bottle Carnival Cintas dish
Champion Automotive Group Social Workers OU PONNT Bayada Ford
Tecumseh Public Schools BlenderBottle Manpower HAJOCA EMCO
Savannah Luggage Works Mercedes Benz Facebook Subway IBM
Vista Equity Partners Firefighters 7-Eleven Nurses VGM
Berkshire Hathaway Progressive Culvers AVEDA BP
Farmers Insurance Sweetwater PepsiCo UHALL CN
Kaiser Permanente State Farm PepsiCo ULINE Scott
Sedgwick County Securitas Medline C1 Bank Delta
Scott Chevrolet Southwest Anixter Acquirent SMECO
British Airways Citadel

How to Prepare for the Wonderlic Test?

The only way to ensure you’ll receive the score you need on the Wonderlic is to practice ahead of time. Click on the sample questions tab to see our free Wonderlic practice test with answer explanations. Answer the ten questions as quickly as you can, and then check your answers carefully. If you’d like to time yourself, you shouldn’t allow yourself more than two and a half minutes to complete all ten questions. When you’re finished, calculate your score and compare it to the averages listed above to see how you did.


Wonderlic Test Expert Tips:


1. Don’t Be a Perfectionist

The Wonderlic isn’t supposed to be easy. If it were easy, then everyone would receive a high score, and there would be no way to evaluate individuals who are actually highly intelligent.

That said, you don’t actually need a high score to attract attention from employers. Your employers will have likely set a minimum required score, and as long as you meet that standard, they’ll look at your application. A very high score is sure to be impressive, but very few people receive scores above 35. In fact, less than 5% of applicants can even finish the exam at all let alone answer all of the questions correctly.

When you receive your score, don’t panic if it’s less than what you were expecting. Even engineers and programmers only receive about 29-32 on average. You’re better off comparing your score to the average score for your position.

While your prospective employer won’t come out and tell you right away what score he’s looking for, you should know that the Wonderlic company offers pre-set job positions. When hiring, managers typically choose the most fitting description and compare applicants to these standards.

Since many of these scores have been published online, you can see generally where you stand in relation to your competition. You can see many of these scores listed below.

When you take our Wonderlic sample test, count up the number of questions you answered correctly and then multiply that number by five to get a general idea of what you would score on the actual exam.



2. Don’t Panic

Unfortunately, these pre-programmed positions don’t always match up perfectly. In many cases, while the general overview or description is similar, the company will have additional requirements and responsibilities in mind for their specific opening.

Each company is unique, and one company’s needs don’t always resemble another’s. However, companies are not able to customize employee profiles. They’re obligated to choose from the list of positions they’re given. The exam, however, doesn’t break down your score into different sections. So, if you answer all of the math questions correctly but miss a few of the verbal questions, your employer won’t know the difference.

Employers know this, and so they sometimes give candidates a little leeway. If your score is close and you’re otherwise a very qualified candidate, the hiring manager probably won’t look too carefully at your score.

This is even more relevant for individuals asked to submit a Wonscore report. Wonscore is Wonderlic’s new psychometric package. Along with the cognitive ability test, you’ll be

asked to take two personality assessments–one focused directly on personality traits and the other on motivation. While many companies find that results from the Wonderlic Personnel Assessment are very accurate, they don’t understand the other two components.

In many cases, hiring directors find that their company values and culture aren’t in alignment with the ones emphasized on the assessment. In any case, if you score well on the cognitive ability test and then receive poor results on the other two exams, your application will probably still be taken into consideration.

You’ll want to make sure to take a few timed Wonderlic practice tests anyway before you take the actual exam. Calculate your scores on these exams and see how close you are to where you need to be. If you prepare for the test ahead of time, you’ll have a much better chance of reaching your ideal score than if you were to just wing it and try your best.


3. Look for Shortcuts

Applicants often assume that the only way to improve their score is to work faster. However, they often end up working harder and not smarter. Instead of rushing and making careless mistakes, you should look for shortcuts wherever possible.

The degree to which you use your time efficiently will largely determine how well you perform on the exam. While a few seconds won’t seem like much while you’re taking the test, you’d be surprised by how fast those seconds can add up. When you’re only given 12 minutes, each second really counts.

If you can save several seconds on every single question, you’ll have enough time to answer a few more questions, which could mean a couple more points added to your score.

Remember, on the Wonderlic, a few points can make an enormous difference. After all, the difference between an engineer’s score and a secretary’s is only 5 points. 5 points added to your score might just be the difference you need to attract the boss’s attention.

With a bit of Wonderlic test prep, you’ll learn the tips and tricks you’ll need to slash your response time and maximize your score.


10 Wonderlic Test Questions with Detailed Answers

To see these questions in PDF format click here.


1. The words property and proprietary are

  1. Similar
  2. Contradictory
  3. Unrelated

2. If the first two statements are true, what do we know of the third statement?
Jean is taller than Nancy.
Jean is taller than Amy.
Nancy is taller than Amy.

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Uncertain

3. Arrange the following words to make a sentence.
radio, hadn’t neighbor her to Lisa knock. the heard
Where should “listening” be placed?

  1. After neighbor
  2. Last in the sentence
  3. After Lisa
  4. First in the sentence
  5. Before knock

4. How many of the following pairs of numbers are exactly the same?

54887994/ 54887994
66932610/ 66932610
72354444/ 72354444
80036005/ 80063005
11541312/ 11541312

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 1
  4. 3
  5. 5

5. Which is the latest date?

  1. 164 B.C.
  2. 809 B.C.
  3. 259 B.C.
  4. 366 B.C.
  5. 24 B.C.

6. What is the next number in the series?
5, -3, 8, 6, 11, -12, 14, 24, 17….

  1. -48
  2. 20
  3. 10
  4. -22
  5. 5

7. If the cost of is 4 gallons of gasoline is 13.68, how much would it cost Suzie to fill up her entire 20-gallon tank?

  1. $13.68
  2. $273.60
  3. $54.72
  4. $82.08
  5. $68.40

8. Closet is to clothes as stage is to ____?

  1. auditorium
  2. concert
  3. musicians
  4. audience
  5. music

9. Which proverbs have similar meanings?

I. Actions speak louder than words.
II. A picture is worth a thousand words.
III. The pen is mightier than the sword.
IV. God helps those who help themselves.
V. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

  1. II & IV
  2. III & V
  3. I, II, & II
  4. I & IV
  5. I, IV, & V

10. Over the course of seven months, Jemal saves $865. How much did Jemal save per month on average?

  1. $6055
  2. $123.57
  3. $152.99
  4. $79.87
  5. $215.44


      1. C
        Property refers to anything that one individual owns. Proprietary is an adjective that refers to an owner or ownership. So, while you might say that “my house is my property,” you would say that “I have proprietary rights to the house.” In this sense, these words are related. While one is a noun and the other is an adjective, they both have to do with property.
      2. C
        According to the first two statements, Jean is taller than both Nancy and Amy. However, we are given no information about the relationship between Nancy and Amy, so we cannot make any assumptions about their heights.
      3. D
        The words, when assembled in the proper order, should read: “Listening to the radio, Lisa hadn’t heard her neighbor knock. We know the answer must be D because “listening” needs to start the sentence.As a participial phrase, “listening to the radio” must be placed at the beginning of the sentence because it is modifying Lisa. Modifying phrases need to be placed next to the noun they modify. We can assume Lisa is the subject because it is followed by the possessive pronoun her. Since we know it couldn’t possibly have been “her neighbor” who was listening to the radio while knocking, we know we’ll need to put the participial phrase at the beginning.
      4. B
        The only pair of numbers that is not the same is 80036005/ 80063005 because the 3 and 6 are flipped.
      5. E
        Be careful here. All of these dates are from before the year 0, so the larger the number, the earlier in history it was. While 24 is the smallest number in the list, it is actually the most recent of all the years listed here.
      6. A
        The number series here actually contains two separate series. The odd numbers in the series increase by 3 each time, but the even terms in the series follow a different pattern. You must multiply these numbers by -2 to arrive at the subsequent term. Since the next term will be the tenth term in the series, you’ll need to use this second rule to find the answer. The eighth term in the series is 24, which is -48 when multiplied by -2.
      7. E
        If 4 gallons of gas costs $13.68, we can assume that a single gallon of gas costs $3.42 and that 20 gallons of gas costs $68.40. While you can solve this problem like this in two steps, you can actually solve it in one step and save yourself some time. Simply multiply $13.68 by five. Estimate first by rounding to $13. $13*5 is $65. You know that the answer should only be slightly more than $65, so you can assume the answer must be E.
      8. C
        Whenever solving analogy problems, you’ll want to start with the relationship between the first two terms. Once you’ve identified this relationship, you can apply the concept to the second pair of terms.In this case, we’re given “closet” and “clothes.” Since a closet is designed to hold clothes, you can assume that a similar relationship will connect stage to one of the answer choices. We know that auditorium cannot be the correct answer because a stage is found inside an auditorium. We want something held by a stage. While concerts generally require a stage and music is typically produced on a stage, both of these terms refer to abstract nouns where the original example contained two very physical nouns.Musicians is going to be the most fitting term here because musicians have to literally sit on a stage.
      9. D
        All of the proverbs listed here deal with actions vs. words. However, they all have slightly different meanings.“Actions speak louder than words” means that your actions tell a lot more about your goals and priorities than your words. While you can speak a lot about what you want to do, unless you actually do it, those plans stay ideas. You might say this to a politician, for example, who promised his constituents a lot of benefits but has yet to make any progress.“A picture is worth a thousand words.” You could use this proverb in a negative or positive way. It basically means that you can convey a lot more with a single picture than you can with even a detailed description. For instance, someone could say this about a picture with incriminating evidence.

        “The pen is mightier than the sword” was originally said by William Shakespeare. It’s a fancy way of saying that you can make a much larger impact with your words than you can with a weapon.

        “God helps those who help themselves.” You would use this proverb to explain to someone why he should be proactive and work to resolve his own problems rather than relying on fate to intervene.

        “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.” Essentially, this means that you cannot achieve any degree of success without making a few mistakes along the way.

        While each of these proverbs expresses something slightly different, I & IV are the most similar because they both encourage people to take action on their own behalf.

      10. B

It’s possible that Jemal saved $300 one month and only $24 another month, but since they’re asking for the average here, they want to know the mean. If he had saved the same amount every month for seven months, he would have had to put away $123.57 every month. You can find this answer by dividing $865 by seven.


Practice Tips Videos:


Verbal Study Guide:


Example Math Questions:


While the Wonderlic is a standardized exam, there is no official table or chart you can use to convert a raw score into a scaled score. The Wonderlic database suggests scores for various preset positions, but there’s no way to know for certain what number the hiring manager has in mind before you take the test. That being said, you can make an educated guess. Below, we’ve given you a list of common positions and the scores these employees typically receive on the Wonderlic. Again, you should take this list as a guideline and use these scores to generally measure your progress. If you’re not sure, then you should shoot for a score of 30. With such a high score, you should have no problem earning an interview even in the most competitive of domains.

Wonderlic Scores List:

Data Analyst – 32

Researcher – 31

Computer Engineer – 30

Mechanical Engineer – 29

Computer Programmer – 29

CPA– 28

Business Professional – 28

Journalist– 28

School Teacher– 28

Marketing Executive – 27

Risk Analyst – 27

Technician – 26

Salesman – 25

Secretary – 24

Nurse – 23

Bank teller – 22

Firefighter – 21

Clerk– 21

Receptionist – 21

Truck Driver– 21

Artisan – 18

Bodyguard– 17

Blacksmith – 17

Custodian – 14