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Medline Assessment Test, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2023

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Medline?

Medline Industries is a company that strives to create medical solutions that not only have good outcomes but also are affordable. It is headquartered in Northfield, Illinois, but it provides services around the world.

This company wants to use real humans to shape its work because it wants to personalize its services and supplies for those who need them. As one of the largest private medical supply producers and distributors, Medline is a large company that has plentiful knowledge of medical services that can be appealing to graduates. Accordingly, Medline may be a perfect place for those wanting to learn about the field from some of the top experts in healthcare.

They have jobs in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Corporate
  • Sales
  • College Grads
  • Transportation


What Is Medline’s Hiring Process?

While the exact requirements will vary based on the job, Medline follows a basic process that you can easily prepare for by knowing what to expect. Medline’s company goals, which should be reflected throughout your application process, are:

  • Improve care quality
  • Reduce supply spending
  • Build loyalty
  • Work more efficiently


First, you will start by filling out an application. You will be asked to fill out a form that includes basic information, motivations, and your resume. Medline uses the Taleo applicant tracking to screen applicants. Thus, be sure to reflect the main points of the job description in your interview so that the Taleo system doesn’t screen your application out.


Medline’s Pre-Employment Screening Tests

Screening tests allow employers to see how you will react in workplace situations based on your skills, personality, and judgment. You must prepare for these tests so that you show off your ability to function in Medline’s workplace.

  • Personality Test
    A personality test is a common assessment used by Medline. This AON test asks you questions about yourself to see what personality traits you have and analyze whether your traits match the job’s requirements. Be honest and be yourself but show off your best attributes during this test.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT)
    Also an AON test, you may be asked to complete a situational judgment test. This test will give you hypothetical situations and ask you to rank the options of how to deal with these scenarios from best to worst. These situations will reflect situations you’d encounter while working at Medline. There aren’t necessarily wrong answers so don’t let yourself get too tripped up over the trickier questions, but still carefully select your answers. It helps to practice for this test even though you do not need outside knowledge to complete it.
  • Wonderlic Personnel Test
    There are two versions of this test. The first is the Quicktest, which has thirty questions and an eight-minute time limit. The second is the Wonderlic Personnel Test, which is the longer version of the test that takes up to twelve minutes with fifty questions to complete. This test examines candidates’ abilities to make decisions under a time constraint, handle pressure, adapt to changing circumstances, and take in new information. Employers use this test to see how well potential employees could perform if they worked at Medline. The test will include math, English, logic, clerical questions, and general knowledge, which are all areas you can practice if you’re worried about not doing well on this test.

Medline Interview(s)

Some candidates may be asked to only have one interview, but many job seekers will go through multiple rounds of interviews. Medline may start with a basic telephone screen that reviews your basic motivations and information. They may then ask for in-person interviews. These interviews can be one-on-one, but they may also take place in front of panels or may be done with a group of other applicants.


How to Prepare for Medline’s Assessments?

The exams you will be given are important tools for employers with many applicants. Psychometric tests assess your aptitude in the areas relevant to the jobs, so these exams will help you stand out from other candidates if you do well. Thus, taking online practice tests and reviewing the kinds of questions you may be asked can give you an advantage. Additionally, practice will alleviate some of the stress you have going into the test so that you can focus on the questions and pace yourself. Before you take these tests, it may help to inquire about the test provider so that you can be better prepared.


Medline Interview Questions & Tips

During the interview, you will be asked behavioral, situational, and motivational questions. Review potential interview questions to practice responses that will reflect how you match the company’s mission and values— a commitment to customers, colleagues, and communities; the ability to accept new ideas; a determination to give better service; and a willingness to do whatever the customers need. In your interview or interviews, be candid but also highlight the qualities that best reflect the job for which you are applying. Some common questions you may be asked are:

  • Tell us about a scenario where you had to overcome a challenge.
  • How do you handle stress during a difficult call?
  • What was a time when your opinions differed from those you were working with?
  • What sets you apart from other candidates?
  • What is your biggest weakness and your biggest strength?
  • How do you respond to high-pressure situations?



Medline wants to improve people’s lives through quality healthcare, but to do that, it must hire top-notch candidates who can live up to the company’s impressive standards. Accordingly, to get a job in this company you must do well on all stages of the process. First, you must submit a strong online application that uses keywords from the job description. You must also take certain psychometric tests to show that you are up to the fast-paced work you will be given at Medline. Finally, you must prepare for interview questions that you may be asked and be sure to reflect the company’s goals and values as well as the main components found in the job description.