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B-PAD Video Testing Online Preparation & Tips – 2024

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What Is the B-PAD?

The B-Pad, or Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device, is a series of tests for public safety departments in Canada and the United States. These tests include scenarios presented in videos. The test-takers need to respond to the scenarios as though they are the first responders on the scene. This helps the heads of the departments evaluate each candidate’s judgment and ability to perform effectively. The B-PAD is used for entry-level candidates as well as those who are working toward a promotion. The B-PAD is used by:


Entry-Level B-PAD

The B-PAD for entry-level candidates is known as the Psychological Fitness Allotment.

There are 8 scenarios, you will need to respond to, and you will have about 45 seconds to formulate your response. You will need to demonstrate good interpersonal skills, and demonstrate that you can be calm and collected during the sample encounters you may

be given. The encounters are samples of things that public safety officers may encounter daily.

  • Ethical issues
  • Encounters with mentally ill or unstable people
  • Domestic disturbances
  • Report writing
  • Child rescues
  • Angry inmates
  • Lonely elderly people
  • Burglary in progress


Promotional B-PAD

The Promotional B-PAD is structured like the entry-level B-PAD. You will have 8 scenarios with 45 seconds to answer. The promotional scenarios differ from the entry-level in that they involve being able to manage or discipline people.

  • Inappropriate social media use
  • Employee reviews
  • Ethical issues
  • Press conferences
  • Uncooperative co-worker

Both the entry-level and promotional tests come in 3 formats. Online during which you will role-play 8 different scenes, oral boards, and report writing. The B-PAD is used to help promote fairness in the testing process. The B-PAD focuses on behavioral competency because poor behavior is a leading cause of lawsuits and liability. Interacting with other people is a massive part of law enforcement and public safety. Identifying the candidates who are able to remain calm and respond in a measured and professional fashion in a variety of situations is important.


How to Prepare for the B-PAD?

The B-PAD does not require any procedural knowledge, so to be successful you will not have to study and memorize procedural codes or laws. To prepare for the B-PAD you should practice role-playing any of the scenarios you may be presented with. Study what an appropriate response to any of the scenes would be. Practice maintaining a professional demeanor while communicating with others.

The B-PAD is an interactive situational judgment test. If you practice appropriate responses and use good judgment and ethics, you will find the B-PAD easy to pass and start your law enforcement career on the right foot.