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IPSP’s (Institute for Public Safety Personnel) TPS Police Test Online Preparation & Tips – 2023

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What Is IPSP’s TPS Police Test?

Indiana based TPS, which until recently was known as IPSP, is a test provider for police and fire departments across the United States. They design their entry-level tests to provide departments with the candidates who have the best chance of success during and after training.


TPS Police Test

Prior to taking the exam, you will be provided with a study guide and 2 hours and 30 minutes to study it before you take the scheduled test. The TPS Police Test is 1 hour and 30 minutes long and focuses on practical skills that will be performed on the job. Test sections include:

  • Learn and Apply Knowledge – You will need to demonstrate an ability to absorb written facts and recall that knowledge to answer questions.
  • Observe and Report Events Accurately – This section of the test is used to show your ability to accurately recall and describe events. You will need to remember information about events that were described in the study guide that you were given
  • Remember Identifying Information – Police work requires that you be able to accurately identify or describe individuals. This test will measure that ability based on photos and descriptions that you were presented with, in the study guide.
  • Complete Routine Forms – To show that you can follow written directions, you will need to fill out sample forms on the test.
  • Communicate Using Appropriate Grammar – Since police officers have to be able to communicate concisely with several people, you will need to demonstrate your ability to do this by answering questions involving basic English skills.
  • Communicate in Writing – You will need to show your proficiency in spelling and basic communication in this portion of the test.


How to Prepare for the TPS Police Assessment?

Police departments will provide you with study materials, so everyone is given an equal opportunity to do well on the TPS Police Assessment. Studying this material is crucial, as is using the 2 and a half hours you are given prior to taking the test. Other tools you can use to help you study, are using matching games to help you with your recall. Try walking into a room you are not familiar and leaving.  Write down as many things about it as you can remember. Print out forms, and practice filling them out.

The TPS Police Assessment can seem overwhelming, but it is a tool used to identify people with the best potential. If you use the study materials, and wisely use the time you are given to study prior to taking the test, you will have no problem getting high scores on this assessment test.