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Odyssey Talent Management Online Preparation – 2024

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is Odyssey Talent Management?

Odyssey Talent Management, a Johannesburg, South African testing company, has made a name for itself in the psychometric testing world by creating a platform that gamifies testing. It has been in the business for 40 years and is a sister company of Evalex Talent Solutions. It uses new technology combined with proven scientific methods to aid in high-volume recruiting. Odyssey Talent Management assessments are used mostly for graduate and entry-level position testing and are particularly useful in areas with developing economies.

Odyssey Talent tests help level the playing field for those in the job market. The testing strategies help identify candidates who possess key skills and do not rely on past experience. In addition to psychometric tests, Odyssey Talent also provides behavioural analysis tests, video interviews, pre-screening questions, and technical assessments.


Taking The Odyssey Talent Tests

Odyssey Talent assessments are different from other pre-hiring assessments you may have taken. Instead of multiple-choice questions and timed tests, the Odyssey tests are games with challenges that evaluate specific skills. This gamified system helps remove test anxiety as well as testing bias. Odyssey tests can be taken from your home computer or from your mobile device, which makes them more accessible to all candidates.


Here are a few of the skills that can be tested by Odyssey Assessments:

  • Problem-Solving – This area tests deductive and inductive reasoning skills.
  • Clerical Accuracy – The skills tested here involve organization, accuracy, and classification. The games used to test this skill involve classifying objects into specific categories and matching items based on similarities.
  • Instruction Assimilation – How well can you understand and follow directions? You will need to remember the order of a specific challenge. This requires memorization and attentiveness.
  • Numerical Literacy – The focus here is on basic mathematics skills. Addition, subtraction and multiplication skills will be tested using number games.
  • English Literacy – This skill is tested using things like sentence construction and vocabulary games.
  • Productivity – This skill is tested to see how quickly you can complete a task and how accurate you are.
  • Trainability – How quickly do you learn new information? Your overall performance on the test will affect your trainability score.


Odyssey Talent offers two types of skills assessment testing:

  • Odyssey Trainability – This gamified test compares your performance against a skills matrix that has been developed for the position you want. The results show your work readiness and how easy it will be to train you for the job.
  • Odyssey Job Match – This combines a more difficult version of the trainability test with work-related questionnaires. The results of this test show which jobs are a good fit and a potential match for your interests and skills.


Odyssey Talent Management has also worked with Astra Constantine to develop a behavioural test.

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment – This is a gamified test that uses imagery to test your personality, values, and drivers. It can be used to identify counterproductive behaviours and also helps identify the potential for negative actions in the workplace.


How to Prepare for Odyssey’s Talent Management Tests?

Odyssey Talent Management created its gamified platform partially as a response to the under-employment of young people in South Africa, specifically in underserved communities. With that in mind, it is still in your best interests to do what you can to prepare yourself for the test. Practice mathematics skills, using preparation packs covering numerical topics and working on solving problems in your head to answer more quickly. Reading is always beneficial, and making an effort to retain the information you read will help on portions of this test. Try writing out questions beforehand and answering them once you have finished reading a chapter in a book or a magazine article.

Learn as much about the company you have applied with as possible. Learn the values they uphold, and learn about their company culture. This will help you identify the areas they value the most and help you target the areas that you should focus on in your test preparation.