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Talogy Assessment Tests Online Preparation & Free Practice Questions – 2024

Job Aptitude Tests Preparation

What Is Talogy?

Talogy is a test provider formed from PSI’s acquisition of 15 other talent testing companies. Cubiks, Select International, Caliper, EB Jacobs (PSI), IPAT, Ottman, Human Scope, Performance Selection, Innovative HR Solutions, OPRA, Propel, and JCA Global have combined their collective experience and research with PSI under the name Talogy.

Talogy has offices in more than 20 counties and a team of 600 experts. They work to combine psychology and technology into hiring solutions. Siemens, Citi Group, Coca-Cola, TATA, and Etihad Airways are just a few of the major companies that use the services provided by Talogy. Talogy provides screening and selection tests, development programs, succession planning, and other tools to help retain talent and encourage employee growth and development.


Talogy Assessments, What Are They Testing For?

Talogy has a wide range of assessment tests that can be combined to suit the needs of businesses searching for talent. These tests can all be customized for different positions, so the questions will vary based on your career. There are 3 main types of tests produced by Talogy. Cognitive Ability, Personality, and Situational Judgment.


Cognitive ability tests focus on three main areas:

  • Verbal Reasoning Test Questions This is your ability to read, retain, and comprehend information. They may focus on reading comprehension, sentence equivalence, text completion, or even a combination of these. These tests may be multiple-choice, true or false, or pick a statement. Verbal reasoning is a predictor of your ability to communicate with your colleagues and with clients both verbally and in writing.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test Questions This is not just a mathematics test. It is also a reasoning test. You have tables, graphs, or diagrams that contain all the numbers you will be working with. Part of the test is determining how to use the numbers to solve the problems. Often numerical reasoning tests contain word problems along with number series questions.
  • Logical Reasoning Test Questions Instead of words or numbers, these tests rely on diagrams and pattern recognition. They are used to measure your ability to see the relationships within a pattern and use logic to determine what should come next.


Situational judgment tests and personality assessments are different from cognitive assessments in that there are not necessarily any right or wrong answers. Situational judgment tests may have preferred answers, but your answer is a reflection of your personality.

Here are descriptions of what personality assessments and SJTs are looking for:

  • Employment Personality Test Personality assessments vary in what they are looking for. They are tailored by each business to look for specific traits that are needed in that field. Some tests focus more on motivators and workplace personality, while others may focus more on behavioral traits.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT Test) Knowing how well a candidate can make decisions in difficult situations is an important factor in hiring. Situational judgment tests are designed to assess your ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of the company.


Talogy Psychometric Tests

Different industries use different combinations of Talogy assessment tests. Each test was designed by experts to assess the areas that are known to be predictors of success. Since Talogy customizes tests for each business and industry no two tests will be exactly alike.

  • Caliper ProfileA personality assessment that compares your traits against a model of the person perfectly suited for a specific role. This personality assessment can also be used to provide training opportunities and employee feedback.
  • MindGage – A cognitive ability assessment test. MindGage is designed to remove testing bias and even the playing field. This is done through a combination of Methods based on psychological theory, and AI learning and adaptation.
  • Talogy Modular Systems for Leaders, Manufacturing Sales, and Service – These are not tests, but testing systems. Businesses can pick and choose from screening, selection, and development assessments to build a testing system that is customized for their industry.
  • Capture Talent Assessment – This is a personality and values assessment. It is used by businesses to ensure potential future employees share their values and are a good fit for the company.
  • Perspectives – This is a personality assessment that looks at how inclusive a prospective employee is. It helps maintain a diverse work environment and ensures that new hires will be able to work well with a variety of people.
  • Eip3 – This assessment measures emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence helps create a trusting environment, encourages collaboration, and makes teams more effective.
  • Resilience Questionnaire – This is a personality questionnaire. It focuses on your ability to work through and adjust to changes. It helps identify people with good potential and possible leaders, and influences stress management initiatives within management.
  • 16pf – A personality test designed to measure 16 primary personality factors. It also measures job-related competencies and includes deductive reasoning questions.
  • Talogy Logiks Test This cognitive ability assessment measures your verbal, numerical, and abstract thinking abilities. There are intermediate and advanced versions of this test.
  • A.P.I Personality Test – This is a specialized personality test that focuses on your work style and your personality in the workplace. It comes in versions with 42 or 162 questions.
  • Factors – This is a screening test that measures 18 competencies and determines 54 separate personality attributes. It is used as a screening assessment to quickly sort through a high number of applicants.
  • Dilemmas – This assessment is exactly what it sounds like. It is a situational judgment test that is designed for specific roles and tests 5 competencies that are predictors of success.
  • Virtual AC – This is an interactive platform that allows businesses to provide virtual job simulation exercises.
  • Modular Healthcare Talent – This testing system is used by the medical industry to test for competencies in various medical fields. It can be used for administration, nursing, allied health, and more.
  • Cubiks HIRE – This assessment is a combination of abilities and personality tests. It tests you in the areas of Personality and Workstyle, Value and Culture Match, Ability, Situational Judgment, and Language Fluency.
  • Cyberwise – A pre-hire assessment designed to test for 9 core competencies in cybersecurity professionals. Adaptability, collaboration, drive for results, learning agility, composure, quality focus, analyzing ability, collaboration, researching and investigation, and trustworthiness.


How to Prepare for Talogy Assessment Tests?

While they have an impressive catalog of assessments in use, you can still prepare for the Talogy family of tests to ensure your chances of success. Answering practice problems is one of the best ways to prepare for Talogy testing. Practice problems help improve your speed in analyzing and answering, and help get you into the right mindset for sitting for a test.

Talogy Sample Questions

Here are a few examples of the types of questions you may see on a Talogy ability test.

  1. Bird is to song as car is to
    1. Road
    2. Wheel
    3. Honk
    4. Gas
  2. 50 chocolates cost $60, how much do 35 chocolates cost?
    1. $1.20
    2. $42
    3. $55
    4. $35.50
  3. Choose the next pattern in the series.
    Logical Reasoning Example Question 1Logical Reasoning Example Answer 1
  4. Choose the odd one out.
    Logical Reasoning Sample Question 2


Personality tests and situational judgment tests can be tricky to prepare for. They are designed to be “cheat proof” meaning that answering questions based on the most positive answers will have a negative effect on your test scores. Instead, approach personality tests as if you are already an employee. Base your answers on your professional behavior, and trust that you have the traits the company is looking for.


Example Questions:

Personality Assessment and Situational Judgment tests will resemble the examples here.


Select your level of agreement with this statement

I crave stability and do not do well with sudden changes

  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Slightly disagree
  4. Neither agree nor disagree
  5. Slightly agree
  6. Agree
  7. Strongly agree


Rank each response based on the level of effectiveness

You have two colleagues who are in a dispute, and it is starting to cause issues with the rest of the team. Productivity is down, and people are starting to take sides. Your supervisor is on vacation and has put you in charge temporarily. How do you handle it?

  1. Ignore it and wait for your supervisor to come back
  2. Speak to each party individually, then have a meeting as a team and act as mediator
  3. Report it to your supervisor’s boss
  4. Call your supervisor and explain the situation