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PSI (EB Jacobs) Public Safety Tests Online Preparation – 2023

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What Is PSI?

PSI, formerly known as EB Jacobs, is a developer of assessment tests and talent finding solutions. They serve several industries and are one of the leading providers of public-safety tests. Their public safety exams are available as online tests or at testing centers, based on what the department they are providing them to prefers. They not only offer pre-hire assessments, PSI also offers post-hire and development assessments, as well as fitness for duty assessments.


Psi-Prehire Public Safety Exams

Psi Offers several assessment tests to candidates for positions as police and firefighters.

Police Exams

The Police Selection Test is used to evaluate if an individual has the necessary skills to be successful as a police officer. It measures vital skills, such as memory retention, and reading comprehension. The test is broken down into sections that include:

  • Reading Comprehension – You will need to read and interpret information that is important for police officers to know when on the job.
  • Interpreting Information – Candidates will be tested on their ability to understand instructions, read charts, and interpret graphs.
  • Writing Skills – Writing reports is a major part of a police officer’s duties and candidates for this role will need to demonstrate an ability to write clearly and concisely, and accurately describe an event.
  • Verbal Reasoning This will show your skill at interpreting information and using the knowledge you have to reach conclusions.
  • Pattern Recognition – This section will test your abstract reasoning abilities by measuring how well you are able to recognize patterns.
  • Numerical Reasoning You will be tested on your ability to work with numbers and interpret numerical information.

The Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery is used to measure cognitive ability, work style, and life experience. This test is offered online, or in a paper and pencil format.

  • Cognitive Ability This section is made up of 48 multiple choice questions and takes around 2.5 hours to complete.
  • Workstyle – This is a 74-question survey that will take around 15 minutes to finish. The answers are presented as a 5-point agreement scale.
  • Life Experience – This is a 47-second multiple-choice survey. It will take around 15 minutes to complete.


Firefighter Exams

The Firefighter Selection Test – The firefighter exams measure 3 abilities that are considered key in firefighters.

  • Mechanical Comprehension This will test your knowledge of simple mechanics, and your ability to learn mechanical tasks that are necessary in the line of duty.
  • Reading Comprehension – You will be given passages from firefighting training manuals and will need to answer questions showing that you understand the information.
  • Report Interpretation – You will be given reports and charts containing fire department information. You will need to show an ability to correctly interpret this information.

The Firefighter Multi-Media Assessment – Is a test that involves watching a 2- hour training video, and answering questions demonstrating a variety of abilities. These abilities include:

The Fire Service Assessment Battery is similar to the LEAB. It focuses on the areas of cognitive ability, work style, and life experience.

  • Cognitive Ability This is 75 multiple-choice questions, that will take about 2.5 hours to complete.
  • Workstyle Questionnaire – This is a 224-question survey, that is in the form of a 5-point agreement scale. It will last about 45 minutes.
  • Life Experience – This questionnaire is 96 multiple-choice questions. It will take around 45 minutes to complete.


How to Prepare for PSI Public Safety Tests?

One advantage of taking the PSI exams is the study guide they provide. Ask the department you are applying with if there is a study guide available. The study guide will familiarize you with the information on the exams and give you a good idea of what to expect. If you do not have access to a study guide, practice skills such as reading comprehension or basic math. These are skills that will frequently be tested when job-seeking. Work on your listening abilities. This is a necessary skill in public safety positions.

If you are truly interested in a public safety job, chances are you have been preparing for it all your life, through community service, or volunteer courses. If you use the knowledge you have acquired through your interest in public safety, along with using the PSI study guide and practicing the skills it emphasizes, you will have no problem passing the PSI Public Safety Exams, and beginning your public safety career.