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PiCompany Connector Ability Test Online Preparation – 2023

Aptitude Tests Preparation

What Is PiCompany?

Established in 1994, PiCompany provides a science-based approach to human resources management and hiring solutions. Their methods are all based on organizational psychology, and they offer data-driven methods and utilize new technology while allowing their clients to adapt to changes in hiring and employee retention at their own pace. PiCompany became a subsidiary of GITP in 2010, and continues to make strides in employee assessment and development technology.


What Is PiCompany’s Connector Ability Test?

One of PiCompany’s most noteworthy test is the Connector Test. This is a general intelligence test, which measures cognitive ability, and helps determine if a job applicant is able to problem-solve effectively, analyze complex data and learn and retain new information. It is an indicator of overall employee success and gives the employer a picture of how well you can perform. This is an adaptive test, which increases in difficulty as you correctly answer questions. The test is timed, allowing 1.5 minutes to answer each question.


The connector test is divided into several sections:

  • Number Series You must identify the relationship between numbers.
  • Series of figures – similar to a logical reasoning test you will be given a series of shapes and must identify the pattern and complete the sequence.
  • Matrices – You will need to identify the relationship between matrices in inductive reasoning questions.

The questions on the Connector Ability Test will vary from person to person because of the adaptive nature of the test. Those with a higher cognitive ability will stand out. This test promotes workplace diversity, as it relies on reasoning and logical ability versus language and written conclusions, which may make the outcome of a test more biased.


How to Prepare for PiCompany’s Connector Ability Test?

Since this test is a measure of cognitive ability, it may sound like something you cannot prepare for ahead of time. This is not the case. There are ways you can prepare yourself for these tests and help boost your score.

  • Make yourself familiar with the type of questions on the test. Once you have an idea of the types of questions on the test, you can study them. Practicing identifying number sequences, or matrices will sharpen your cognitive abilities, and help prepare you for the test.
  • You can sharpen your logic skills with logic puzzles and sudoku. You can find these online or on paper. They help train your brain to identify patterns, and are a helpful tool to use to practice for a cognitive test.
  • When taking the test, if you are stuck on a question, guess, and move on. Wrong answers will not count against you, so taking a chance and guessing will only affect your score if your answer is right.

Pre-employment testing is becoming a common part of the hiring process. Cognitive ability tests are one of the most frequently used tools for identifying applicants with the most potential and the greatest chance for success. The Connector Ability Test is one of the most commonly used pre-employment assessments. You are sure to encounter it at some point in your professional journey, but knowing how it works will keep you from being intimidated by the thought of this test.


Practicing Questions

Practicing for PiCompany assessments is the key to scoring higher and increasing your chances of getting your desired job. Our team developed example questions so you can experience test questions of similar topics. The following aptitude questions focus on a few main topics that are common in this assessment, such as: number series and logical reasoning.


Example Questions

  1. What is the next number in the series?
    5, -3, 8, 6, 11, -12, 14, 24, 17….
    1. -48
    2. 20
    3. 10
    4. -22
    5. 5
  2. Choose the next number in the series:
    4, 0, 12, -6, 36, -12, __
    1. -18
    2. 24
    3. 108
    4. 144
    5. -10
  3. What is the missing number in this series?
    2, 5, 5, 15, 8, 45, X
    1. 45
    2. 11
    3. 135
    4. 9
  4. 7,  28, 112, 448, ?
    What number should replace the question mark?

    1. 2,240
    2. 1,792
    3. 1,344
    4. 2,255
  5. Choose the picture that best completes the pattern below:
    CCAT Sample QuestionCCAT answer
  6.  Which figure comes next in the series?
    Free Cognitive Ability Test QuestionFree Cognitive Ability Test Answer



  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. B
  5. E
  6. A