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Testgrid Cognitive Ability Tests, Aptitude Tests & Behavioral Assessments Online Preparation & Tips – 2023

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is Testgrid?

Testgrid is an Australian test developer that offers web-based tests and employment solutions. They offer blind recruitment options to help promote workplace diversity and 2,000 options in psychometric testing. Testgrid primarily focuses on Australian businesses and is a test provider for a variety of industries such as mining, banking and finance, healthcare, retail, and utilities.


What Are Testgrid Assessment Tests?

Testgrid provides a variety of pre-employment tests including cognitive ability tests, aptitude tests, and behavioral assessments. They tailor each psychometric test to fit the company and industry to ensure they only hire the most suitable and qualified applicants.  The tests provided by Testgrid include:

  • Abstract Reasoning Test This logical test is used to show a candidate’s ability at identifying trends and patterns in data, how they problem-solve, their capacity for learning, and retaining new information. Abstract thinking is tested by using shapes and patterns that are either rotated or have segments missing, a person with good abstract reasoning skills will be able to see the pattern and complete the shape or sequence. Testgrid uses this test to promote diversity in the hiring process since abstract thought is not influenced by language or cultural norms.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test This measures a candidate’s ability to communicate and process verbal information. This test is important for positions that require someone to have good verbal communication skills.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test This test was developed to help identify candidates who possess the ability to work with graphs and data sets to come to conclusions. For people in fields like finance who need to be able to identify numerical trends, this test will find the strongest candidate.
  • Behavioral and Competency Assessments – These assessments are used to measure soft skills like interpersonal communication and the ability to work on a team. They indicate how a person will perform under pressure, and if they are problem solvers or risk-takers. They help demonstrate if an applicant is a good cultural fit for the company and give a sense of the individual’s ethics and motivations.


Companies That Use Testgrid’s Tests

These are some of the many companies that use Testgrid’s psychometric tests:

David Jones Sportsbet Reece BP
John Holland Objective Heinz MMG
Anglo American Capgemini Hudson NAB
Provider Assist Essential Deloitte Visy
Citi West Water Programmed Carnival Dulux
Pitcher Partners SmartSalary Glencore Crown
Australian Red Cross Wrest Point Mecca


How to Prepare for the Testgrid Assessments?

Since the Testgrid assessment tests are tailored to the company providing them, the first step in preparing to take them is to get to know as much about the company as possible. Knowing the company and its expectations will help you know the types of questions to expect when you take the test.

  • Sharpen your abstract thinking abilities by doing puzzles or finding online resources that were designed to help with cognitive function.
  • Verbal reasoning is easily practiced by doing crosswords, or even just reading non-fiction.
  • If you are looking for work in a field that you know requires a lot of work with graphs, be sure to brush up on your numerical reasoning skills. There are online resources that can help you with this.

Testgrid assessment tests place their emphasis on cognitive function and behavioral patterns. Knowing what to anticipate on the assessments makes them easier to prepare for and will help boost your confidence moving forward. If you can identify the areas in which you feel weak and make adjustments, you are prepared for whatever assessment tests you may have to take.