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Capgemini Psychometric Tests, Assessment Center, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2022

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is Capgemini?

Capgemini is an information technology company headquartered in Paris, France. The company was founded in 1967 and now has over 200,000 employees working in more than 40 countries. They offer a variety of services to their clients, including:

  • Digital transformation and innovation
  • Cloud services
  • Digital services (data management, digital manufacturing, customer experience, etc.)
  • Technology operations (intelligent automation, infrastructure services, testing services, etc.)
  • Business services (artificial intelligence-enabled finance operations, supply chain optimization, insights, data analytics, etc.)

Capgemini consists of three business sub-brands. These sub-brands are specialized and enable the company to support end-to-end solutions for their clients. The breadth of opportunities within the company also attracts job seekers from various fields and skill levels. The sub-brands at Capgemini include:

  • Capgemini Engineering: This section focuses on engineering products and services and embedding digital and software technologies into those products.
  • Capgemini Invent: This group is the company’s digital, innovation, consulting, and transformation brand. They combine technology and data science with creative strategy and design expertise.
  • Sogeti: The Sogeti sector is a client-facing brand. They work with clients at a local level and mobilize expert teams to deliver quality services.


Working at Capgemini

Capgemini seeks out industry experts, freethinkers, and team players who strive beyond the traditional mold. Those who work for the company are innovators, and they are looking for candidates who are confident in their abilities and who have the skills needed to support their mission.

Because teamwork is important to Capgemini, culture plays a big part in their hiring process. Here are a few things to note about the culture at Capgemini:

  • Their values guide their work: honestly, boldness, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty, and fun.
  • They promote learning throughout your career and provide opportunities for their employees to grow.
  • They promote work-life balance.
  • They give their employees travel opportunities to their different locations.
  • You will start working on challenging projects on day one.


What Is Capgemini’s Recruitment Process?

Capgemini is always looking for seasoned professionals and recent graduates to join their team of innovators. If you are interested in applying for a job at Capgemini, you can expect your hiring process to look like the following:

  • Online application
  • Assessments
  • Phone / Video interview
  • Capgemini assessment center


Online Application

To start your candidacy, you must fill out an online application. During this time, you will select the role you are applying for, upload your CV, and answer a few basic employment questions. You will also answer a few short essay questions about yourself and your motivation behind applying for Capgemini.


Capgemini’s Assessments

After your application is selected, you will take several psychometric and behavioral assessments. These exams are designed to screen applicants based on their skills and fit for the company. The specific tests you take will depend on the role to which you are applying. However, all candidates can expect to take the following tests during the pre-employment process.

  • SHL Aptitude Tests SHL is a company that produces psychometric and aptitude tests. Their exams evaluate the candidate’s fit and readiness for the role.
    You take a verbal and numerical reasoning test during this portion of the assessment. These tests will assess your critical thinking skills, ability to analyze basic numerical data, and understanding of the English language.
  • Matrigma TestThe Matrigma test is another psychometric test that measures learning ability, problem-solving ability, and reasoning skills. This test consists of shapes and objects listed in a sequence. The candidate will then need to figure out the final shape in the pattern from a list of possible answers. This testing style is immune to cultural barriers, so it is a great way for hiring managers to understand their candidates better.
    There are two versions of the Matrigma test: Classic and Adaptive. The Classic Matrigma test is a 40-minute test that consists of 35 randomly selected questions. The Adaptive Matrigma test is a 12-minute exam consisting of 12 questions that get progressively harder.
  • SJTThe Situational Judgment Test (SJT) is another exam candidates will take. This exam presents different workplace scenarios you may encounter in your particular role. Your responses on this exam will highlight your strengths, workplace behavior, and values. Since the alignment of values is a crucial factor in candidate success at Capgemini, you will want to practice taking this test with those values in mind.


Digital Interview

After completing the pre-employment assessments, Capgemini will invite you to a digital interview. Hiring managers will use this time to learn more about you, your work history, skills and experiences, and your interest in the company.

Digital interviews are different from formal interviews in that you are asked a set of questions with time to record your responses. Capgemini gives their candidates the following tips for their digital interview assessment: APPRENTICE.

  • A – Appearance: Dress smart business/casual.
  • P – Prepare: Set up your environment and come to the interview prepared.
  • P – Proofread: Re-read your written explanations to ensure accuracy and correctness.
  • R – Research: Research the company and your potential role.
  • E – Engagement: Stay engaged when responding to questions.
  • N – Notes: Use notes to stay on track in your responses.
  • T – Tech: Make sure your technology works correctly before the interview.
  • I – Insight: Show your personality.
  • C – Communication: Speak clearly and effectively. Good communication skills are essential.
  • E – Experience: Experience highlights do not need to be limited to work experience.


Capgemini Assessment Center

The last step of the recruitment process is the assessment center. Capgemini likes to bring candidates together for a day to work through various workplace scenarios and tests. This event will last the entire day and consists of three main components:

  • Group Exercises During the group exercise, groups of about 6-7 people will be given information to read through. After analyzing the information for yourself, you must communicate with the others in the room to discuss possible solutions and a plan of action. Because Capgemini prides itself on team spirit, this exercise is essential to show your leadership skills, communication skills, and ability to work with others.
  • Individual Exercises In addition to the group exercises, you will be giving individual activities. You will get tasks such as reading through industry news and summarizing the information you have learned and prioritizing different tasks that you may face in your role.
  • InterviewThe last part of the assessment center day will be interviews with the hiring managers. These interviews will focus on your skills, strengths, and personality. They want to make sure that you can perform the roles required and are a good fit for the company and team.


Helpful Tips

The following tips will help increase your chances of success when applying for a role at Capgemini:

  • Research the company and the role: Capgemini’s values are the foundation of their company, and they want employees who embody those values. Learn about the company, what they do, and how your unique perspectives and talents can help move the company forward.
  • Learn about the assessments you will be taking: Doing well on the various Capgemini assessments is essential to landing the job. Learn what you can about the content and purpose of each test, so you know how to answer the questions.
  • Take as many practice tests as you can: Reading about the tests is helpful but taking sample tests is the only way to prepare for them adequately. Find example questions online and take sample tests to understand how the test works and how you should respond to different question types.
  • Prepare for the interview: Preparing for the assessments will get you in the door, but your interview must also go well to land the job. Look at different tips and interview questions and prepare your responses before meeting with the hiring manager.
  • Be confident: After taking multiple practice tests and rehearsing your interview responses, be confident in your ability to do well and get this job. Your confidence and preparation will shine through.


How to Prepare for Capgemini’s Assessments?

The Capgemini assessment process allows you various opportunities to showcase your ability and fit for the company. However, in order to properly showcase yourself to the company, you need to be prepared in advance of the tests and interviews.

There are a lot of sample tests online, both free and paid, that will allow you to go through the various questions on the aptitude tests and the SJT. Additionally, you must also practice for the Matrigma test. Scoring well on this test indicates strong logical and abstract reasoning skills, essential for any role at Capgemini.

Lastly, preparing for the interviews is just as important. Be sure to look over interview tips online and prepare your responses in advance. This preparation will help you sound and appear more confident in your answers.