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Assessment Center Group Exercises Preparation – 2024

Personality Test

Group exercises are popular in assessment centers because they allow recruiters to see how people behave and interact in a team. The group exercises can come in several different forms, but the goal is always the same: to predict how people will behave and interact once on the job. Using the information provided from the exercise, HR personnel and recruiters screening the candidates in the hiring process are able to make more informed decisions and can choose the candidate that is truly the best fit for the job.


What Are Group Exercises?

Group exercises are done in a variety of forms, as mentioned above. They can involve case exercises, discussions, and problem-solving scenarios. Usually, they are performed with groups of eight to sixteen people. The exercise allows employers to predict candidates’ abilities to work in a team, their level of social skills and social confidence, their ability to work under stress and pressure, their ability to take initiative and influence others, their communications skills—manners, nature, generosity, aggression, dominance, listening skills, independent mindedness, and so on—and their degree of compatibility between social skills and skills required for the job. Depending on the focus of the exercise, candidates may be given anywhere from twenty to forty minutes. Usually, group exercises that involve a case study take up more time than the others.


How to Prepare for Group Exercises?

Group exercises are mostly about how the job seeker or graduate interacts with others. As such, most of the preparation surrounds practicing various areas of social interaction and awareness as well as how to incorporate what you know about the company into the suggestions you make during the exercise. Using the tips below, you can ensure that your practice and preparation is focused on key areas.

  • Include others.
  • Introduce yourself to everyone with a warm, confident attitude.
  • Try to remember and use the names of candidates and assessors.
  • Be well-mannered and attentive to everyone around you.
  • Never behave negatively in any way, shape, or form during the assessment exercises.
  • Do not criticize anyone during the exercise.
  • Practice with family and friends to increase your ease with the exercise.
  • Display teamwork and confidence.
  • Do not be overbearing, and do not interrupt.
  • Be clear, concise, and confident.
  • Include everyone, and make sure they all have equal opportunity to speak.
  • If criticized, you should be prepared to stand up for your opinions in a way that is diplomatic and polite without being defensive.
  • Do not sit quietly while candidates around you do all the discussing and decision-making.
  • Try to help ensure the group reaches a conclusion in the allotted time as much as it relies on you.
  • Show an understanding of the firm’s services as you contribute, and if it makes sense, relate them to the project or discussion the group is handling.
  • Try to establish a lead role early on by bringing the other candidates into the discussion, staying focused on the objective, and providing valuable feedback, but do not dominate the room.
  • Relax and focus on thinking through everything as calmly and logically as possible. There will be pressure, but do not let it get to you. If you are able to stay rational and confident, you will perform better on the exercise as a whole.



Group exercises are not necessarily difficult. The difficulty level will depend on the assessment center assigning the exercise. However, whether the task itself is difficult or not, the social aspect often will be. Working with others always means dealing with potential problems. Team members will not always cooperate, some may be overly aggressive or hostile toward you, and others may not participate enough. Whether you are leading or not, the challenge of a group exercise is working with a large group of people to reach a decision. This is why practice and preparation are key. You will do better if you have already prepared for the kinds of situations you might run into with different kinds of people. So make the most of the time in your pre-employment process leading up to the assessment center and practice the things listed above so you can ace this exercise.