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HFM Assessment Tests Online Preparation & Tips – 2024

Job Aptitude Tests Preparation

What Is HFM Assessment?

HFMtalentindex has been in operation since 1997 and has provided over 300,000 assessment tests year since that time. HFM helps identify and locate talent and provides resources to help that talent continue to grow. HFM helps organizations understand why some teams function better than others and provides team-building strategies. They provide guidance and insight to employers to help them build and grow their organizations.


HFM VIT and SIT Tests

HFMtalentindex offers two assessment test packages, the VIT, and the SIT. The VIT is made up of verbal ability, logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, and mathematical skills tests. The Specific Intelligence Test (SIT) is made up of any combination of the individual tests from the VIT. The abstract reasoning and spatial reasoning tests may also be included as part of the SIT.

  • Verbal Ability You will be given an analogy, and will need to replace the missing words, for example, Plant is to grow as fire is to___. This test is multiple-choice, so you will be given a bank of words to choose from.
  • Logical Reasoning This test will measure your ability to reach logical conclusions and recognize a weak argument and come to a conclusion with incomplete information.
  • Numerical Reasoning You will be given a number sequence and will need to find the missing number.
  • Mathematical Skills This test evaluates your skill with math by how quickly you are able to complete problems.
  • Abstract Reasoning Test This is a measure of your non-verbal and your non-numerical reasoning skills. You will need to find the solution to an incomplete sequence of shapes. To do this, you will need to find the pattern and determine which shape comes next.
  • Spatial Reasoning This measure your ability to recognize shapes from unfamiliar angles, manipulate shapes, and rearrange objects.


Motivations Test

The motivations test is a tool used for determining a candidate’s drive and motivations and helps determine the roles that are most suitable for you. This is helpful in establishing long term job satisfaction and identifying committed employees.


Personality Measurement

This test evaluates five traits that have been determined to be important “core” OCEAN traits. These traits are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. This test is used as a guide to determine how well an applicant suits a particular job profile.

Preparing yourself for pre-employment assessment tests is now as important as providing an updated resume. You can ready yourself for ability assessments by practicing the skills you know they will test for. Practicing math problems and doing crosswords and logic puzzles can help strengthen your reasoning skills. There are online resources for practicing abstract reasoning and number sequencing.

Personality tests cannot be studied for, but you can learn as much as you can about your preferred position and what it requires. You want to be honest on a personality test, but if you truly have passion for the position it will shine through in your answers.

HFM has been providing career assessment and human resources consultation for over 20 years. Their science-based methods have a proven track record, and you will most likely encounter at least one of their tests while on your job hunt. Do not allow these tests to intimidate you. Being acquainted with the test material, and the testing methodology goes a long way in preparing you for their assessment tests.


Companies That Use HFMtalentindex Tests

These are some of the many companies that use HFM assessments:

Marine Contractors GrandVision Intgenico Maandag Fluor
Naviva Kraamzorg Eneco Carrerac Verkade Jumbo
Crédit Agricole Brink Groep Rabobank Portaal Makro
Right Managment Rode Kruis Deloitte avans+ NCOI
FedEx Sennheiser Van Oord Koraal Evos
Pro Senectute usg people Strukton Groupm DHL
Dura Vermeer Bluewater ManPower ORTEC mth
Flow Traders TecqGroep Staples FedEx Express


Practicing for the Real Assessment

Practicing for the HFM Assessment increase your chances of getting your desired job. Our team developed example questions so you can experience test questions of similar topics. The following aptitude questions focus on a few main topics that are common in this assessment, such as: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and logical reasoning. In addition, the following personality practice questions are based on the Big Five personality test theory.


Sample Questions

  1. Divide 40 by .16
    1. 2.5
    2. 25
    3. 250
    4. 2500
  2. The fraction 1/8 is equal to:
    1. .25
    2. .1
    3. .125
    4. 8
  3. Choose the next number in the series:
    2, 5, 5, 15, 8, 45, X
    1. 45
    2. 11
    3. 135
    4. 9
    5. -10
  4. If today one USD is equal to 0.88 euros, how many euros can you buy for 200 USD?
    1. 188 EUR
    2. 88 EUR
    3. 27 EUR
    4. 176 EUR
  5. If an individual ate three meals at Restaurant B per month, what is the individual’s approximate food cost for the whole year?
    Restaurant A B C D
    Cost per meal $10.00 $12.00 $6.00 $8.00


    1. $432
    2. $500
    3. $356
    4. $298
  6. Which word is the best fit for the blank space in this sentence?Mrs. Garcia was ______ after witnessing the armed robbery.
    1. Dapper
    2. Dismal
    3. Disturbed
    4. Dark
  7. Loquacious means
    1. Confident
    2. Moody
    3. Outgoing
    4. Talkative
  8. Vehement most nearly means:
    1. Ardent
    2. Apathetic
    3. Antagonistic
    4. Aroused
  9. Choose the picture that best completes the pattern below:
    CCAT Sample QuestionCCAT answer
  10.  Which figure comes next in the series?
    Free Cognitive Ability Test QuestionFree Cognitive Ability Test Answer


  1. C
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. D
  9. E
  10. A


Click here to download our free personality PDF test.