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ACER Aptitude Tests Online Preparation & Tips – 2023

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is ACER?

ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) is one of the largest independent educational research organizations in the world. They develop assessment tests and conduct educational research. Based out of Camberwell, Victoria, they also have offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, London, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Jakarta, and Dubai. ACER collaborates internationally with UNICEF, The Indian Central Board of Education, and UNESCO, and helps provide educational research and reform in several countries. ACERS research encompasses, among other things, policy and practice in education, psychometrics, and system-wide testing. Their research and development have contributed to shaping educational policy in Australia, and their tests are utilized for scholarship selection, human resource management, university entrance.


What Are ACER’s Aptitude Tests?

Job-seekers are likely to encounter ACER assessment tests at some point in their job search. As a leading developer of psychometric tests, their assessments are frequently utilized by companies to help determine the competency and work styles of prospective employees. There are various ACER tests employers utilize to assess job candidates.

ACER Vocational Selection Test (VST)

This group consists of five tests, though employers will only use three of them when assessing job candidates.

  • Verbal Reasoning Test The verbal exam will test your ability to understand written concepts. These tests are multiple-choice. Some things you may see on a verbal reasoning test are word lists that ask you to pick which word does not fit with the rest. Reasoning questions where you are asked which statements together prove or disprove the test question, and word association.
  • Abstract Reasoning Test – This inductive reasoning exam measures how well you can solve patterns, and think logically when presented with non-written or non-numerical information. It helps demonstrate the applicant’s ability to problem-solving abilities but presenting the test taker with a series of shapes and patterns which you must complete.
  • Quantitative Reasoning Test – To help get a clear picture of how well you process numerical information. This will be presented as word problems, for which you will have to figure out the equation to determine the correct answer.
  • Mechanical Reasoning Test – The mechanical aptitude test is a multiple-choice test that measures the candidate’s understanding of moving parts and their relationship to each other in a mechanical system.
  • Interpersonal Understanding – This is a personality test used to measure the test taker’s motivation, how they behave in certain situations, and how they work with people.

The ACER Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA Aptitude Test)

This is another five-part series of tests. These tests are adaptive, which means candidates will be tested at their appropriate skill level. The first ten questions are used to determine the test level you receive.

  • Reading Comprehension – To measure your reading comprehension, the test taker will be given several long passages to read. They must then use the information provided in the passages to answer the test questions.
  • Numeracy Test – This assessment examines for competency in algebra, geometry, and simple calculations. It also measures the understanding of statistics and probability.
  • Writing Exam – Writing skills are tested by having the test taker write a letter of introduction as well as a short note.
  • Abstract Reasoning Test – As with the test in the VST, this is used to measure your understanding of patterns and sequences.
  • Mechanical Reasoning Test – Measures your understanding of basic mechanical concepts, and how changing parts will affect the system.

Test of Employment Entry Mathematics (TEEM)

This 32 questions test is frequently used to assess the abilities of apprentices, trade persons, and others whose positions require an understanding of mathematics. This test is made of word problems from which you must determine the equation and solve the problem.

Online Writing Assessment for Adults (OWAA)

This test is used to measure your writing skills by requiring you to write a piece of persuasive writing. Word choice, punctuation, and quality of ideas will all be used to evaluate this test.


How to Prepare for ACER’s Aptitude Tests?

Researching ACER and their testing methods will prepare you for what to expect in their exams. Refreshing your skills in mathematics, and practicing basic reading comprehension test questions are a good place to start. Psychometric testing is a commonly utilized tool in employment these days. Preparing for them properly will make the hiring process go more smoothly since you can approach the tests with confidence.