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NSA (U.S National Security Agency) Assessment Tests Preparation – 2023

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is NSA?

Originally started during WWII as a unit to decipher coded messages, the NSA (National Security Agency) is the largest United States intelligence agency. They are responsible for global monitoring and collecting and processing data. They are also the organization in charge of protecting U.S communication and information systems. NSA offers careers in a variety of specialties including, but not limited to: foreign language analysis, computer science, engineering, physical science, business and accounting, intelligence collection, intelligence analysis. Not only does NSA have job opportunities for civilian employees, and those transitioning out of the military, they also offer student and graduate internships and co-ops. Since they are a Federal employer, job-seekers must hold a U.S citizenship. NSA offers an extensive benefits package that includes:

  • Health benefits
  • Health savings accounts
  • Group life insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Holiday leave
  • Maternity leave
  • FMLA


What Is NSA’s Hiring Process?


The NSA careers site offers a Job Exploration tool to assist you in finding a career that matches your education and experience level. While browsing for jobs, you can add them to a “favorites” list before applying. They do allow you to apply for more than one position at a time. The application is extensive, and you will be required to answer screening questions, provide information about your job history and education, and upload your resume. If you run into difficulty with the application, the website offers an application guide to assist you in filling out the application to the best of your abilities.


Pre-screen Interview

To ensure that only the most qualified applicants continue on, the NSA will conduct a pre-screen interview. You will be questioned over the information on your resume, your work history, and your qualifications. How you do during this interview will determine if the NSA decides to call you for additional interviews. This interview is usually conducted over the phone.


NSA’s Interview

Depending on the position you desire, you may face multiple interviews. These interviews may be conducted online or face to face. Our final interview will be a face to face Operational Interview. During the operational interview, you will be extensively questioned on your job skills and background. You may be facing more than one interviewer at a time. There will be some standard interview questions, but you may also face some technical questions and, in some cases, be asked to solve puzzles or do a programming challenge. Applicants for linguistic positions may be asked to translate an article or other pieces of writing to demonstrate their skills. If the operational interview proves that you have the skills for the job, you will be offered a CJO, a conditional job offer. This offer is contingent upon you passing the background check and psychological evaluation.


NSA’s Online Testing

Online testing for the NSA is extensive. You not only have to prove your competency for the job you have applied for, you will also have to take a series of psychometric evaluations to prove that your personality is suited to work in intelligence. Since there is such a wide variety of personnel that is hired, the competency tests for those positions are tailored to those specific jobs. You may be required to take tests in English proficiency, matrices and number series, or other skills-based tests. The test that everyone will be required to take is the psychological evaluation. The psychological evaluation is looking at several different parts of a candidates personality:

  • Neuroticism- This a measure of the applicant’s emotional health
  • Extroversion- They want to know how you handle interpersonal interaction
  • Openness to experience- How well do you handle change.
  • Agreeableness- Can you work with others while maintaining your own opinions
  • Conscientiousness- How organized, thoughtful, and persistent are you

This test is multiple choice and will take around 90 minutes to complete.


How to Prepare for the NSA Assessment?

The hiring process for the NSA is intense, and the psychological evaluation is one of the most important factors in that process. The NSA is looking for people who are psychologically balanced and do not fit the extremes of any of the personality traits they focus on. It is very important to be honest on this test since it is part of the security clearance process. You can, however, take steps to prepare yourself. Read the directions thoroughly to prevent misunderstanding. Instead of rushing to complete the test take your time and be thoughtful about your answers. Rushing may make your evaluation look unbalanced and undesirable. Preparing for skills-based testing is a much easier process. Review the qualifications of the job. If anything stands out to you that you feel you need to work on, take the time to practice that skill. Language skills can slip if not put to use if applying for a job in linguistics practice your language so you aren’t stumped by any questions. Practice and preparation are necessary when trying to get a job with the NSA. As an intelligence agency, they want to be certain they are hiring only the best and the brightest. If you take the steps necessary to prepare yourself for the hiring process, that conditional job offer, will turn into a solid offer.