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UnitedHealth Group Assessment Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is UnitedHealth Group?

UnitedHealth Group is an American corporation that provides health care products, including health insurance, to millions of customers. They are a leading force in the healthcare field globally, with annual earnings ranging in the billions. UnitedHealth Group employs over 300,000 individuals worldwide. Whether you are a recent graduate, or looking for a fulfilling career change, there are numerous employment opportunities available. Their career opportunities range from customer service, sales, and technology positions, to clinical, consulting, and project management openings.

Their extensive list of benefits includes:

  • A range of quality healthcare plans to choose from
  • Excellent retirement plans and saving opportunities
  • PTO
  • Education reimbursement


UnitedHealth Group also offers some wonderful social perks:

  • Matching employee donations to non-profits
  • Rewards for volunteering for non-profit organizations
  • Connecting employees with appropriate volunteer opportunities


What Is UnitedHealth Group’s Hiring Process?

In order to ensure that all their employees are dedicated and efficient, UnitedHealth Group has a thorough recruitment process:

  • Fill out an online application
  • Receive an email invite to a pre-employment assessment test online
  • Participate in a digital video interview
  • An email with status notification
  • A verbal offer of employment
  • A rundown of details regarding the job position


Online Application

To fill out an application online, use the search bar or “jobs” link on UnitedHealth Group’s website to search for the specific job title you are interested in. The “Quick look” tab gives you the opportunity to get a brief overview of what the position entails. You will also have the option of bookmarking specific jobs to revisit them later. Once you submit your application with all the necessary requirements, you will receive an automated email of receipt. The human resources team will then review your application. This may take several weeks due to the huge volume of applications UnitedHealth Group receives daily. If it is determined that you may be a good candidate, you will receive a link to an online assessment test.


Pre-employment Assessment Tests and Preparation

The purpose of the assessment tests is to evaluate your skills, strength, and personality. This will allow UnitedHealth Group to make a well-informed hiring decision. The tests will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete and will require your full attention. For most positions you will need to take an aptitude test. The specific aptitude tests that you will be required to complete will vary based on the particular job you are applying for.

Generally, there are three categories of tests that you may face. You may be asked to take one or all of them, depending on the position you are applying for. The three categories are customer service tests, Microsoft tests, and the Predictive Index Learning Indicator test. The Predictive Index Learning Indicator test gages cognitive prowess and measures learning ability. You will need to answer as many questions as you can in 12 minutes. In total, there will be 50 questions but it is not expected that you will complete all 50. If you are applying for an IT, computer science, or engineering position, you will likely be asked to take an additional optimization test. These are all the possible tests you may encounter.

  • SJT
    SJT stands for Situational Judgement Test. The purpose of the test is to evaluate how you well you will adapt to a workplace environment. The test is mainly comprised of hypothetical scenarios related to your job description. You will be questioned regarding your reactions and responses in those hypothetical cases. The questions mainly center around conflict resolution, as that is an important component of adapting well to the work environment.
  • Personality Test
    You may also be asked to complete a personality self-assessment test. This will help UnitedHealth Group evaluate whether your personality is a good match for the position you seek.
  • Microsoft Tests
    These tests assess your software expertise, particularly your familiarity with Microsoft excel. You will be tested on formulas, macro creation, document properties, and formatting.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test
    The numerical aptitude test includes questions that will measure your mathematical ability. You will be presented with basic mathematical equations and questions regarding number patterns.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
    The verbal test questions assess your language skills. Vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar are the main areas that will be targeted. You will be asked to read a piece of writing and answer questions about it to demonstrate how well you understood the text. You will also be asked specific questions about the definitions of words, and questions about synonyms and antonyms. To test your grammatical ability, you will be asked to locate grammatical errors in sentences.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning Test
    Non-verbal reasoning is also called abstract reasoning. These questions are designed to target your spatial reasoning skills. You will be presented with questions that will require you to use your reasoning, analytical, and deductive skills to arrive at answers.
  • Optimization Test
    If you are applying for a position in IT, computer science, or engineering, you will need to complete an additional test. This test will present three programming issues that you will need to resolve. You will have 30 minutes to complete this test.



If your results on the assessment test were satisfactory, UnitedHealth Group will want to set up an interview to get to know you personally. Depending on the position you seek, you will either be invited to a digital interview, or an in-person interview. Be sure to present your best self by being prepared to answer some common interview questions in addition to some atypical questions. It is wise to be armed with some questions of your own to demonstrate your interest and commitment to the job.


Notification Email and Offer of Employment

If you emit a positive impression at your interview and UnitedHealth Group decides to hire you, you will receive an official welcome offer in a confirmation letter. The letter will contain more details about the job position and inform you of your next steps. A background check will also be performed at this juncture.



Congrats! You have landed the job. Now comes the exciting part where you are apprised of the various roles and responsibilities the job entails. You will be directed to the “New Employee Connect” forum to complete the necessary paperwork.


How to Prepare for UnitedHealth Group Assessment Tests?

You will have a 48-hour window in which to complete the assessment tests. It is imperative that you do not rush, are not distracted, and answer all questions candidly. Most importantly, make sure to prepare as much as possible by taking practice assessment tests. Preparation will familiarize you with the types of questions you will face. It will also give you an opportunity to brush up on some rusty skills, particularly language and mathematics. Good luck!