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Walgreens Skills Assessment Test & Hiring Process Preparation – 2024

Pre-Employment Tests

You’re here either because you’ve applied for a job at Walgreens or you’re thinking of sending in your application. For whichever reason, this article will outline the entire recruitment process, and answer some critical questions about the ideals Walgreens is willing to pay for.


What Is Walgreens?

Walgreens is one of America’s largest pharmacy retail chains. Founded in 1901, the company has grown from a simple drugstore to become specialists in health and wellness products, health information, filling prescriptions and photo services.

Walgreens has sales outlets numbering up to 9,560 in all the fifty US states and has expanded to offer its services in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

The company is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, and employs over 325,000 people.


What Is Walgreens’ Hiring Process?

How do I get hired at Walgreens? Walgreens application process is focused on a comprehensive assessment and interview process that gives insights on the skill set and potentials of job seekers. The steps involved are multifaceted, and they are unfolded below:



To begin, candidates should find vacant roles that match their skills and capabilities and send in applications for them. Candidates have higher chances when their experience strongly matches with the job requirements. It is important to be consistent; apply for one role at a time.


Application Screening

After a candidate’s online application is submitted, it is reviewed by a recruiting team comprised of hiring experts. The team will highlight different aspects of your application that appeals to the company’s ideals, and decide if you advance to the next stage.


Interview Process

Candidates who scaled through the screening process are contacted for an interview. The interview can be presented through different channels:

  • On-call interview: The first interview is likely going to be conducted via a phone call or a video call. Candidates can utilize the ample opportunity provided to ask questions about the job.
  • In-person or face-to-face interview: This stage is specific to the position for which a candidate is applying for, and it might attract several interview rounds. The end is usually marked with meeting the hiring manager(s) for a final one-on-one discussion.


What Is Walgreens Assessment?

Because resumes look very similar, Walgreens does not rely solely on them to employ graduates or job seekers. The candidates will be required to sit for some psychometric tests after the interview process to ascertain their competence in the particular position they are applying for. There are varieties of assessment tests included in this stage:

  • Aptitude Tests
    There’s a need to evaluate the graduate’s or job seeker’s cognitive ability to think creatively, profer solutions to problems in real time and establish logical conclusions. The tests included are; numerical reasoning test to assess the candidate’s ability to analyze numerical data in given scenarios, and verbal reasoning test to evaluate a candidate’s comprehension skills.
  • Personality Tests
    Traits are great assets to every company, and they play a significant role in determining which candidate is the best fit for a particular position. Walgreens looks out for job seekers with personal values that align with theirs. Learn about personality employment tests.
  • Situational Judgement Tests
    Walgreens has high standards, and so, they examine how candidates will approach situations encountered in the workplace. The tests are based on realistic scenarios which require specific reactions. Since employees may need to work with others in a team, the SJT is designed to see how you would respond and deal with workplace problems that might surface.


Pre-employment Checks

Following successful interviews and assessment tests, a background check is run on the candidate. This is to examine the candidate’s previous employment history, verify their academic qualifications, and contact the references attached to the resume. The candidate’s criminal history will also be screened.



After ensuring there’s nothing shady about the candidate, an offer will be proposed to them for acceptance. In it, the proposed salary and employment conditions are pointed out. Once a verbal approval is made, an official written offer or contract is then signed. There are chances for negotiations before finalizing the terms of the agreement.



Walgreens will provide the information and resources required to perform specific roles through this process. The employees will be introduced to their work environment and the tools they’ll be needing.


Qualities Walgreens Recruiters Are Looking Out For?

Being one of the United States’ top companies, Walgreens is embodied in high standards and the recruitment process will prune ‘careless’ applications. To stand a chance during the hiring process, it’s essential to be familiar with the key qualities expected of potential employees. Some of them are as follows:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Topnotch communication skills
  • Real-time solution proposals
  • Teamwork
  • Purpose oriented

A whole lot of other qualities are mirrored throughout this article. Take your time while reading through.


How to Prepare for Walgreens Assessment?

Once a candidate is confident they have the required skills to take on a Walgreens job, the next course of action will be to determine what will go into preparing to ensure their application outshines others. Since a large percentage of landing the job is dependent on the outcome of job assessments, we will give some relevant tips in that area.

Whether you get a job at Walgreens depends on how well you perform on the assessment tests and how much practice you put into them. A typical Walgreens assessment test comprises:

  • Basic Math Tests: In this test, candidates are to solve different types of math problems. The questions are based on real work situations that you might come across. It’s advisable to practice questions on addition, subtraction multiplication, and division –basic mathematical equations. A suitable example is:
    Pete buys a product worth $9.65 and hands you a $10 bill. How much change should you give him?
  • Pharmacy Technician Test: This test is more specific to the pharmacy technician practice, and so candidates will need to answer questions related to that. It involves interpreting prescriptions and doing some pharmacy math. Calculators are not permitted so there’s a need to work on accuracy. Sample question:
    Sam has an Rx for penicillin 300mg 1 BID × 10d. What does this mean?
  • Situational Judgement Test: Candidates will be presented with some realistic, simulated situations they might encounter while working at Walgreens. Responses to the situations will be presented in the form of multiple choice options. You’ll need to choose the most appropriate reaction. Sample question:
    A man claims to have lost the prescription he got from a doctor but remembers what was written on the list. How do you react to him?
  • Customer Service Skills Assessment Test: It contains multiple choice questions and usually lasts 30 minutes. Candidates will be asked questions to determine how they react to a customer acting in a certain way. Expect questions on work ethic also. Sample question:
    A customer returns to the store claiming another employee gave him a wrong prescription. How do you react?

Tips for Walgreens Interviews

Most interviews, more or less, have a defined format, and the commonly asked questions may be challenging not just to fresh graduates, but also to job seekers with past employment history. While the questions are generally similar everywhere, answers and expectations vary across different companies. This is why it’s not advisable to adopt a custom template for answering interview questions.

Here are some common interview questions and how best to answer:

  • Tell me about yourself
    This is often the first question an employer will ask. After they (the employer) go through a candidate’s CV, an impression is formed. You should answer this question to affirm the accuracy of that impression with your confidence high. State the skills and experience you have that is required for the role, and embrace brevity.
  • Why do you want to work with us?
    This question generally filters out candidates who are applying for obvious personal interests only. Your answer should be focused on the employer’s needs –what you hope to achieve for the company and how– and not what you want.



Getting hired to work at Walgreens is not rocket science. It’s attainable with dedication and practice for your exams, and proper preparation for your interviews to ensure what you’re giving is your best shot.