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EIB Tests, Recruitment Process & Interview Questions Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is EIB?

EIB, or the European Investment Bank, is the largest multilateral development bank whose shareholders make up the countries of the European Union. Founded in 1958, EIB is also called the lending arm of the EU and is a powerhouse in the financial sector. They seek professionals for positions such as:

  • Macroeconomist
  • Corporate Banker
  • Lawyer
  • Engineer
  • Specialists in Capital Markets

While the EIB operates for the EU, they have offices in almost thirty countries outside of the EU and are headquartered in Luxembourg. The EIB employs over three thousand people who enjoy competitive benefits like:

  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible Family Hours
  • Free Counseling
  • Career Development Opportunities
  • Pension Schemes

These are just scratching the surface of EIB’s comprehensive benefits package. EIB is keen on growth and offers educational opportunities for both the employee and their family as well as allowances for dependent children and families.


What Is EIB’s Hiring Process?

EIB adheres to a standard interview process that consists of three various rounds analyzing competency, behavior and aptitude. Job seekers looking to work for EIB can expect the process to take anywhere from three weeks to two months.


Initial Screening

EIB asks that applicants submit a CV and fill out application forms. After the application deadlines, recruiters will begin to shortlist candidates to proceed through the next stage of the interview process.


Interview Process

Professionals seeking employment at EIB will undergo a series of technical and cognitive assessments throughout the recruitment process along with assorted interviews. Applicants can expect to go through these rounds:

  • Screening: Assessment & Digital Interview
  • Interview & Assessment


What Are EIB’s Online Tests?

EIB’s online assessments are initially sent via email and then additional assessments will take place at the face-to-face interview. The first online assessments will include:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
    EIB’s numerical reasoning test assesses the candidate’s proficiency with numbers, data, graphs and the like. A hypothetical business scenario will be presented that must be evaluated using basic mathematical functions. The questions are multiple-choice with a limited amount of time provided for completion.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
    EIB’s verbal reasoning test analyzes the candidate’s critical reasoning skills. There will be a paragraph of information followed by statements which must be marked true, false, or cannot say. The test is thirty questions with about a fifteen to twenty-minute time limit. The content of the verbal reasoning quiz is dependent on the role you have applied for.


Assessments for the in-person portion involve:

  • Case Study
    EIB’s case study is a comprehensive exercise used to analyze decision-making and prioritization skills as well as industry knowledge. The content of the case study and what EIB asks that you do with the information is entirely dependent on the role you have applied for. For example, customer service-related positions will be asked to propose a course of action for the ‘client’.
  • Personality Questionnaire
    EIB’s personality questionnaire appraises how one’s behavior affects their performance and their suitability for the company’s environment. The candidate will be given four statements describing actions or habits that must be ranked from most to least applicable to the candidate’s demeanor and preferences. The personality questionnaire assesses dozens of different character traits but will take a deeper look at the qualities that EIB values in their employees.


Digital Interview

EIB’s digital interview is either a phone interview or a video interview. This portion of the interviews is focused on your capabilities and the skills needed for the particular role. Common interview questions fall along the lines of when was a time you were a leader or how do you handle conflict. EIB will ask questions that prod at the responsibilities of the position which provides you the perfect opportunity to enhance advantageous qualities.


Face-to-Face Interview

EIB’s face-to-face interview evaluates how well the candidate aligns with the company’s core qualities: communication, decision-making, motivation, time-management, numeracy, and leadership. The recruiters will ask you to relate these traits to your own experience and provide examples of when you excelled. Other common questions include:

  • What was a difficult time in your life and how did you overcome it?
  • What do you know about EIB?
  • Why are you interested in [role you applied for]?
  • How would your previous employer describe you?


Pre-Employment Screening

EIB’s pre-employment screening is a consists of two different stages of verification. The first is a confirmation of your physical ability to work. EIB administers a medical aptitude questionnaire that is reviewed by a third-party service. The second stage is substantiating your qualifications, work experience, and education as well as running a background check. EIB’s offer is conditional on the basis of a clean pre-employment screening.



EIB’s onboarding process takes place over your first six months at the company. The company holds various training and onboarding sessions for new employees. EIB wants to make the transition as easy as possible, which is why they set aside your first day for introductions, tours and meet and greets with your colleagues and other newcomers.


Students & Graduates

EIB offers multiple different opportunities for students and graduates from summer internships to their educational G.R.A.D. Programme. The interview process is nearly identical to that of the experienced professionals; the main difference is the final interview for students and graduates is a panel interview rather than one-on-one. For those interested, keep in mind that their programs for students is typically limited to their headquarters in Luxembourg.


How to Prepare for the EIB Test?

EIB’s online assessments provide the perfect chance for applicants to objectively impress the company. This portion of the interview process typically proves difficult for most candidates due to the quantity and content of the questions and the time constraint. However, practicing with similar online assessments allows the candidate to surpass the competition. Preparing for the bulk of information paired with the time limit has a significant impact on the outcome of your score. It’s important to note that EIB grades their assessments solely based on accuracy; this means that if you if you only get through half of the questions and get them all right, you’ll get a 100%; however, if you get through every question and get the same amount of answers correct, you’ll receive a 50%. EIB’s grading system makes practicing that much more important for candidates because simply guessing could very negatively your score.



While their process seems extensive, employment at EIB is well within reach for those who prepare for the company’s interview process. Take some time to review and connect with EIB’s values and make sure to practice those online assessments. Best of luck!