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Deutsche Bank Hiring & Interview Process, Online Assessments, SJT & Aptitude Tests Preparation – 2024

Pre-Employment Tests

This article will help job seekers who are looking at Deutsche Bank for their career future. Included are the facts about the hiring process along with preparation tips for candidates at all stages of the process.


What Is Deutsche Bank?

Deutsche Bank is a banking and financial services company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with locations in 70 countries and more than 80,000 employees worldwide. Benefits will differ depending on location and role, but commonly include flexible work arrangements and health services.

Deutche Bank’s brands: Deutsche Bank, the digital bank FYRST, and Postbank.


Deutsche Bank Hiring Process

The recruitment process at Deutsche Bank is simply applying online, a series of aptitude tests, and two rounds of interviews. The whole process takes about a month. This may differ depending on the role you have applied for. If so, your recruiter will let you know.


Deutsche Bank Application Process

There are roles available at Deutsche Bank for students looking for internships, new graduates, and the experienced professional. Applications for most jobs at DB open in September and are looked at in the order they are received, so be sure to get your application in as early as possible.

While the online application asks for your resume/CV and a cover letter, it may also ask you some motivational questions about why you want to work specifically in that role and specifically at DB. To answer these questions, be particular when mentioning what it is about DB and this role that makes you want to further your career with this company.


Deutsche Bank Online Assessment Tests

After the application stage, most applicants at Deutsche Bank will have to complete a series of online tests to move on to the interview stage. Over 60% of candidates do not make it through the psychometric stage of the hiring process, so it is imperative to be adequately prepared and informed for this stage. The DB online tests are as follows:

  • Deutsche Bank Situational Judgement Test
    The SJT is a required step for all applicants at Deutsche Bank, including those applying for internships and graduate programs. The aim of the exam is to see how your values align with the values of DB. The test will present you with hypothetical scenarios in the workplace and ask you to select the most effective solution. This test is timed, so be sure to read the scenarios thoroughly so you can answer the questions to the best of your ability.
  • Numerical Reasoning
    The numerical reasoning test will have multiple choice questions on mental arithmetic, number sequences, numerical reasoning, and word problems. The general format will be to present you with charts, tables, and graphs and then ask you to analyze and interpret the information. The timing of the test is 20 questions in 20 minutes.
  • Verbal Reasoning
    The verbal aptitude test will identify if you can comprehend a previously unseen passage and analyze the information in order to answer true/false and other multiple-choice questions about the reading. The verbal reasoning test will have questions on antonyms, verbal analogies, syllogisms, and overall vocabulary. The timing of the test will give you about 45 seconds to answer each question.
  • Technical Test
    If you are applying to a computer science role at DB, you will be asked to complete a technical test that will include 25 questions to answer in 25 minutes. The questions will focus on computer basics along with your knowledge of coding in Java. Past applicants have stated that the timing of this test is very fast, so be sure to practice your skills beforehand.
  • Behavioral and Ability Assessment


How to Pass Deutsche Bank Assessments?

The most common issue applicants have with the Deutsche Bank assessments are completing them in time. Practicing the tests will help you the most with this problem. Along with this, many applicants don’t read the questions correctly and end up answering a question they’re not even being asked. So even though the tests are quick, be sure to stay calm and collected so you can answer each question to the best of your ability. Another helpful tip, especially for the SJT, is to know the company and role so you can make sure you are answering the questions in a way that shows you prioritize the same values that the company does.


Deutsche Bank Interview Process

The first interview with Deutsche Bank may take place over the phone or in person depending on your location. The interview will focus mainly on why you fit with Deutsche Bank and why Deutsche Bank fits with you. The first interview should last about 45 minutes.

The next round of interviews will be a series of one-on-one interviews with multiple professionals at DB. The questions in these interviews will be more technical and focused on the knowledge and skills you need to succeed at the job you are applying for. This round of interviews may also include specific questions about the current financial sector, so be sure to be up-to-date on this information as well. In the final round of interviews, they may also ask you to retake the SJT and the numerical test to confirm your results. Depending on your role, it is also possible that this final round of interviews will include a short assessment center which may include completing a case study, group exercise, or a presentation.

Some standard questions and answers for an interview with DB are:

  • Why Deutsche Bank?
    A great strategy for answering this question is to focus specifically on why you want to work for DB compared to other companies in the financial sector. Focus on specific projects or values that DB has that appeal to you.
  • What is a failure you have had and what did you learn from this experience?
    Remember that admitting that you failed shows a sense of character that is admirable and desired. When explaining the situation, focus on how you could have handled the situation differently and how you have developed since the experience.
  • What has your experience in your former job taught you and how will it benefit you in the future?
    This is a great opportunity to explain your past experience and how it makes you uniquely qualified for the role. Show your knowledge of the market here along with emphasizing values that you have that coincide with the values of DB.


Deutsche Bank Interview Tips

Deutsche Bank describes its ideal candidate as someone who is client focused, collaborative, competitive, a strong decision maker, entrepreneurial, mentally agile, passionate, risk-aware, and team focused. Along with this, they want candidates who have an interest in financial work, even if you are not applying for a financial role. To test this, they do ask each candidate why they want to work in the financial sector. In order to succeed in the DB interview, practice highlighting these qualities in your past experience.

Along with that, review the DB website, talk to current and former employees, read the DB annual report, and be up-to-date on what the news is saying about DB. Understand their characteristics, history, and what makes them different from their competitors as well. Also, understand the core competencies tied to the role you are applying for.

Some other tips from DB recruiters are to know what you stand for, have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile with a professional profile picture, and show that you have strong networking skills. Also, be prepared with some thoughtful questions to ask your interviewers to show the extent of your interest in the company and in the role.



The final step of the recruitment process at Deutsche Bank will be receiving an offer and completing pre-employment paperwork such as a background check and proof of work authorization. Overall, the entire process is very competitive and difficult. However, if you are prepared and confident, you should be able to make your way through the entire process and eventually land yourself a job at DB!