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HireVue Assessment Tests Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is HireVue?

HireVue is changing the way employment assessments are done. Created in 2004, it incorporates technology such as Artificial Intelligence into standard hiring tools, like the video interview. In addition to the video interview platforms they are known for, HireVue has other predictive assessment tools that major companies utilize to identify talent while eliminating bias in the evaluation process. The HireVue assessments are based on a combination of organizational psychology and data science.

HireVue tests that utilize AI technology are becoming increasingly common among large corporations. Over 700 companies use HireVue assessments, and that number is growing. Keep reading to find out more about HireVue assessment platforms, and how they may be incorporated into your career search.


What Are HireVue Tests?

When you hear the name HireVue, you may be expecting a basic video interview. Although HireVue is best known for its video platform, it also has several other test formats. These assessments seem simple but are based on years of psychological research that streamlines the hiring process. HireVue assessments not only measure competencies they also help prevent bias in the hiring process. They have also put effort into eliminating the bias that can be inherent in tests that utilize algorithms.

  • Video-Based Assessments
  • Game-Based Assessments
  • Combination Video and Game-Based

Video-based assessments are essentially recorded interviews. There are pre-recorded questions that focus on core competencies, skills, and behavior. There are different versions of the HireVue video interview. While there are just standard recorded interviews, more companies are using the HireVue interviews that are augmented with AI algorithm analysis. These algorithms are designed to measure the skills and competencies the video interview is looking for. The system analyzes your entire response to a question, not just keywords. The questions on a HireVue video interview will be designed specifically for the job you are testing for.

Game-based assessments are short 3-minute games that help measure psychological traits and cognitive abilities. The games simulate more traditional predictors of job success. They are designed to be simple even for people who don’t play computer games. In addition to brain teasers, there are also games that simulate text conversations, where you will need to respond to a chatbot. These assessments can be taken on your personal computer or your phone, anywhere that is convenient for you.



How to Prepare for HIreVue’s Tests?

The best way to prepare for HireVue tests is to learn about the company you want to work for, and the role you want ahead of time. This will give you an understanding of what they are looking for, and the types of questions you may be asked during your HireVue interview. Practice your interview skills ahead of time. You will not necessarily be allowed to re-record answers if you are not satisfied. Video interviews will be reviewed by people, and you want to appear confident and knowledgeable. Be sure you check your background ahead of time so your appearance is 100% professional.

Game-based assessments are very similar to brain teaser games. You can find apps that will help you practice this style of game, which will also get you used to a gaming platform if you do not routinely play online games.