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NPST Online Preparation & Free Practice Questions – 2024

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What Is the National Police Selection Test (NPST)?

The National Police Selection Test (NPST) is an entrance exam for candidates who wish to enter the police force. The test assesses basic abilities such as reading, writing, and mathematical capabilities and how you work with others.

The test is provided by Fire and Police Selection, Inc. (FPSI) in either written or computer-based form. The exam consists of 120 questions, and you’ll have a time limit of three hours for the test. These questions are divided into five different test sections:


NPST’s Writing Ability

The writing ability section contains 31 items and will include grammar, spelling, correct wording, and a basic understanding of the English language. These questions will be multiple choice, and you’ll need to select the best answer out of those given.


Sample Question

Choose the best pair of words to complete the sentence:

You have the _____ to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a _____ of law.

  1. Wright, court
  2. Right, court
  3. Right, quart
  4. Wright, quart

Answer: B


NPST’s Mathematical Reasoning

The mathematical reasoning section consists of 15 questions. These will cover topics in basic mathematics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and ratios. You will not need advanced mathematics knowledge to do well on this test portion, but you should have a basic understanding of mathematical concepts.


Sample Question

On your first day as a police officer, you make a salary of $40,000 per year. If you get an annual raise of 4%, what will your salary be in three years?

  1. 41,000
  2. 42,000
  3. 44,100
  4. 44,500

Answer: C


NPST’s Analysis and Reasoning

The analysis and reasoning section will assess your judgement, data interpretation, and problem-solving skills. This section consists of 14 questions and may include problems such as sequential ordering or logical thinking.

During this portion, you’ll want to ensure that you pay attention to details and read questions and answer choices thoroughly before making your selection.


Sample Question

How many of the below items are exact duplicates?

H7253b0w8tf8G H7253B0w8tf8G
H7253b0w6tf8G H7253b0w8tf8G
H7253b0w8tf8G H7237b0w8tf8G
H7253b0w8tf8G H72568dw8tf8G
H7253bow8tf8G H7253b0w8tf8G


  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5

Answer: D


NPST’s Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

The situational judgement portion of the test aims to measure your decision-making skills, ethics, ability to work in stressful situations, and ability to follow the rules. You’ll need to answer 40 questions in this section. For each question, you’ll receive a scenario related to police work, and you’ll need to decide what would be the best and worst course of action in each situation.


Sample Question

You respond to a robbery at a small convenience store. When you arrive onsite, you hear gunshots from inside the store. You report the situation to dispatch and tell them you are going in, but your sergeant radios you and says you need to wait for backup. People are still in the store, and you have no idea how many are hurt. What do you do?

  1. Listen to your sergeant and wait for backup.
  2. Go in anyway, people’s lives are at risk.
  3. Wait until you see another police car pull up then head into the store before speaking to them to not waste any more time.
  4. Leave the store so you don’t get shot at waiting for backup.

What would be the most appropriate response?

What would be the least appropriate response?


This section has no right or wrong answers since they are based on your personality. However, it would be best to keep the force’s values and responsibilities in mind when answering these questions.


NPST’s Reading Comprehension

The most extensive section of the test is reading comprehension. One to two weeks before the exam, your agency will send you a twenty-page document that you must study before coming into the exam. During the exam, you will answer 20 questions based on the information you received.

This section is a memory test, so be sure to study the packet as much as you can ahead of time to remember as many details as you can.


How to Prepare for the NPST Test?

Because the NPST assessment is required for many who desire a career in law enforcement, you’ll want to do as well as you can on the test. The best way to ensure a good score is to create a study plan and prepare ahead of time.

There are excellent study guides online and practice tests that will let you work through several sample questions so you know what to expect. You can also find many test-taking tips online to help you during the exam.