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NJ’s Law Enforcement Exam (LEE) Online Preparation – 2023

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What Is the Law Enforcement Exam?

The Law Enforcement Exam (LEE) is a test given to police officer candidates in New Jersey. Several types of officers will take this exam, including:

  • Municipal police
  • Campus police
  • Park officers
  • State correctional officers

The test was designed by PSI (EB Jacobs) and takes approximately three hours to complete. The test consists of three main sections and roughly 220 multiple-choice questions.


LEE Ability Test

The first section in the LEE is the ability test. This portion of the exam consists of 48 multiple-choice questions across six different subsections. It should take about two hours to complete this exam section.

  • Deductive ReasoningThe first subsection in the ability test is deductive reasoning. This test will assess your ability to apply general rules to specific problems to form conclusions. For example, you may be given a set of procedures and must use that knowledge to determine the best course of action in a particular scenario.
  • Inductive ReasoningInductive reasoning is the opposite. Instead of applying general rules to specific information, you will be given particular pieces of information and must use that to come to a general conclusion. For example, suppose several witnesses come forward and provide information on a crime. In that case, you must be able to combine all of those statements to figure out the general idea of what happened.
  • Information Ordering – This subsection will test your ability to place information in chronological or logical order. This skill also comes in handy when dealing with witness statements. For example, if several witnesses come forward and give you specific events, but they are all out of order, you must take those various pieces of information and reorder them to build a likely timeline.
  • Problem Sensitivity – Problem sensitivity is identifying the central issue in a given situation. Officers must be able to take in a lot of information, distill it down, and identify the main problem so they can take the appropriate course of action.
  • Written Comprehension – The written comprehension subsection will test your ability to read, understand, and apply written information. This will come in handy as officers read through reports, policies, and procedures and use that information to make informed decisions.
  • Written Expression – The written expression subsection will assess your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. You will receive various text passages and must identify errors, such as misspelled words and improper grammar, or complete a sentence with the appropriate phrase.


Work Styles Questionnaire

The second section of the LEE assessment is the work styles questionnaire. This personality test will assess various attitudes and motivations critical to your success as a police officer. You will be given a statement and must rate how much you agree or disagree with the view on a scale of one to five.

You will have 103 statements to respond to in this section. You should take 20 – 25 minutes to complete this section.


Life Experience Survey

The third section of the LEE exam is the life experience survey. This section will ask about your previous work experience and past history. They want to make sure that candidates do not only have the expertise necessary to do well on the job and that there are not any behavioral or other red flags that could be cause for concern.

This section consists of 68 multiple-choice questions, and you will want to use your remaining time on this section, about 20-25 minutes.


How to Prepare for the Law Enforcement Test?

The New Jersey officer selection process is highly competitive, and you must get a high score on this test to stand out from the competition. You must study to achieve a high score and better your chances of doing well during the recruitment process.

Study materials, such as LEE practice exams, can be found online. These tests are a great resource because they allow you to practice timing to ensure you can answer every question within the three-hour time limit.

Additionally, they give you an idea of the questions on the test, so you know what to expect. Not only can this boost your confidence, but it can also help you answer the questions more quickly and efficiently since you are familiar with the test questions and the format.

Applicants who use these resources to prepare for the LEE examination do better and get higher scores than their competitors who do not study. Therefore, giving yourself adequate time to prepare for the exam before taking it is essential to your success.