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State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE) Online Preparation & Free Practice Questions – 2024

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What Is the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE)?

The State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE) is given to anyone trying to pursue a career in law enforcement or corrections in Florida. The SOCE is a multiple-choice that is computer-based and timed.

There are four versions of the SOCE, each with different topics, question counts, and time limits. Each version includes field test questions used to obtain performance statistics and will not count toward your overall score.


Law Enforcement (FLEA) Test

The Law Enforcement (FLEA) exam consists of 200 questions, 190 of which are graded, with a three-hour time limit. This test covers topics such as:

  • Traffic stops
  • Traffic crash investigations
  • CMS criminal justice defensive tactics
  • Interactions in a diverse community
  • Fundamentals of patrol
  • Interviewing and report writing


Law Enforcement Auxiliary Test

The Law Enforcement Auxiliary Test is the shortest version, with only 110 questions. Of those, 100 are graded. Because this version is about half the length of the FLEA, you will only have 1.5 hours to finish the test.

The topics that are covered in this test include:

  • Legal concepts
  • Crime scene and courtroom procedures
  • CMS law enforcement vehicle operations
  • Dart-firing stun gun
  • Patrol and professional communication
  • Calls for service and arrest procedures


Corrections (FCMS) Exam

The Corrections (FCMS) exam is 200 questions long, 190 of which are graded, and has a time limit of three hours. The exam will cover topic areas such as:

  • Officer safety
  • Intake and release
  • Supervising special populations
  • Responding to incidents and emergencies
  • Supervising a correctional facility
  • CMS first aid for criminal justice officers


Correctional Probation (FCPO) Assessment

The last version of the test is the Correctional Probation (FCPO) assessment. This three-hour test consists of 200 questions, but only 190 are graded. The topics that are covered in this exam include:

  • Communications
  • Legal foundations for correctional probation
  • Intake and orientation
  • Field supervision
  • CMS first aid for criminal justice officers
  • Supervision of offenders


How the SOCE is Graded?

On the SOCE, you are given one point for every question you answer correctly, and any question you answer incorrectly will count against you. At the end of the test, you will be given a raw score calculated as a percentage out of 100.

Each version of the test has a different raw score and percentage that you must achieve to pass the test:

Test Version Raw Score Needed Passing Percentage
Law Enforcement – FLEA 152 (out of 190) 80%
Law Enforcement Auxiliary 80 (out of 100) 80%
Corrections – FCMS 152 (out of 190) 80%
Correctional Probation – FCPO 156 (out of 190) 82%


Remember that blank answers will count as incorrect for this exam, so be sure to answer every question you can and use your best judgment to make an educated guess on those you do not know the answer to or those you do not have time to answer.


How to Prepare for the SOCE Test?

Because wrong answers will affect your score, you will want to do whatever you can to answer as many questions correctly as possible so you can achieve the 80% or the 82% needed to pass the SOCE.

Practice is the best way to ensure that you do well on the exam. Online resources such as study guides, example questions, and sample tests can aid you in your preparation. These resources are great tools to help you rehearse your timing and see what kinds of questions will be on the test.

Those who take the time to prepare for the SOCE are more likely to receive a high score. So, take advantage of all the available resources to increase your likelihood of being accepted into the program.