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The CWH Entry-Level Law Enforcement & Firefighters Exam Online Preparation With Free Practice Questions – 2023

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What Is The CWH Test?

The CWH Entry-Level Law Enforcement Exam is an entrance test for police officers given by CWH Research, Inc. This exam is used by police and fire departments throughout the U.S. and aims to assess the basic skills and abilities required for a career in law enforcement.

There are different versions of this exam, but the most popular is the CWH Next Generation Entry Level Law Enforcement Aptitude Test. The exam takes anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours and contains 130 to 170 questions. Be sure to check with your local precinct to confirm the test version and requirements so you can tailor your study plan accordingly.


Skills Measured on the CWH Law Enforcement Exam

The CWH Next Generation Law Enforcement Exam assesses skills required of anyone seeking a career in law enforcement. These skills include:

  • Interpersonal Skills: Police officers must interact and get along with others daily. They must show empathy and courtesy and have good communication skills.
  • Practical Skills: Law enforcement officers must have the ability to think quickly and logically in difficult situations. They must be able to use good judgment and common sense at all times.
  • Basic Educational Skills: Officers must comprehend the information given to them. Basic educational skills are required to succeed in the academy and perform the job.
  • Emotional Outlook: Police people must be able to handle situations with appropriate emotional responses and act with high standards of emotional conduct.


Question Types on the Law Enforcement Test

The questions on the CWH Law Enforcement test are multiple-choice and assess the different skills mentioned above. There are different types of questions on this test, including:

  • Situational Judgement Questions: In the situational questions, you will receive a hypothetical scenario and a list of possible responses to the situation. You must select the answer choice closest to how you would react to the scenario. The best way to approach this section is to answer honestly.
  • Factual Questions: These questions will relate to your basic educational skills. You will answer questions such as reading comprehension, mathematics, and grammar.
  • Questions About You: These questions will ask you to describe yourself, feelings, experiences, and skills. It is best to be honest in this section and answer each question thoughtfully.


Example Questions from the CWH Test

Here are a few examples of questions you may encounter on the CWH Entry-Level Law Enforcement Exam:

Sample Question 1

Your partner is having trouble at home, and it is starting to affect his focus on the job. What do you do?

  1. Ask them to tell you what is going on. You give great advice and can help them with their issues.
  2. Tell them they need to go to therapy and talk to someone about their issues.
  3. Pretend like nothing is wrong. Their home life is none of your business.
  4. Tell your supervisor. If their issues are affecting their work, they should be removed until they can focus.


Sample Question 2

Choose the sentence that does not have any errors.

  1. I’d like a sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and mustard.
  2. I would like a sandwich with lettuce tomato pickle and mustard.
  3. I would like a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and mustard.
  4. I would like a sandwich with letuce, tomatoe, pickle, and mustard.


Sample Question 3

Sally is walking over ____ with her dog.

  1. There
  2. Their
  3. They are
  4. Theyre


Sample Question 4

You are your favorite food truck, Trucko de Taco, and you are standing in line to order food. An adult male is standing extremely close to you, and you would like him to step away. What is your most likely response?

  1. I would not do or say anything.
  2. I would tell him to move before I make him move.
  3. I would ask him politely to give me some space.
  4. I would dramatically take a big step away from him.



  1. There is no correct answer to this question.
  2. C
  3. A
  4. There is no correct answer for this question.


How to Prepare for the CWH Exam?

Using online practice tests is best to prepare for the CWH Entry-Level Exam. Example questions are the best way to prepare for what will be on the test.

Situational questions can be difficult because there are no right or wrong answers. Working through several example questions can help you feel more confident during the test. Remember that although you should be honest during this section, you should keep law enforcement policies and values in mind when responding.

Sample questions are also helpful for the educational questions since it may have been a while since you answered basic math or grammar questions. Practice will help you sharpen those skills and do your best on the exam.