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Municipal Police Selection Test (MPST) Online Preparation & Free Practice Questions – 2023

Police Exam

What Is the MPST?

The Municipal Police Selection Test (MPST) is an abilities test for those looking to become Baltimore City police officers. The exam has four sections that cover topics relevant to police work, such as memorization, logic and reasoning, and the ability to apply facts and information. The questions on this test are multiple-choice, and you will have two hours to complete the assessment.


Observation and Memory

The first topic area in the MPST is observation and memory. In this section, you will receive a series of wanted posters you must memorize. You will then answer questions regarding the details on the posters, such as names, facial features, descriptions, and crimes committed.

You will not be allowed to look back at the posters to answer the questions, so be sure to work on your memorization skills before the test.


Learning and Applying Police Information

The second section of the MPST tests your ability to learn new information and apply that knowledge to different situations. You will receive a study booklet at the beginning of the test with various police procedures and information, and this section will ask you to apply that information.

Sample Question 1:

Officer Benton responded to a call on the corner of 5th street and 27th avenue. Officer Benton found the victim, a 14-year-old girl, on the ground with a gunshot wound. The bullet grazed her arm, she was bleeding, but she was conscious and able to tell the officer that the suspect had run into a nearby convenience store. Officer Benton told the girl to apply pressure to the wound, called for backup, and ran into the store to find the suspect.

What mistake, if any, did Officer Benton make?

  1. He should have helped the girl wrap her jacket around her wound before leaving.
  2. He should have waited for backup before going into the store.
  3. He should have left the girl alone and gone after the suspect sooner.
  4. He should have called for medical attention before leaving the girl.
  5. He made no errors.


Answer: D.




The third section of the MPST examines your interests. Studies have shown that personality traits, characteristics, and personal interests play a significant role in your success in law enforcement. While there are no right or wrong answers to these sections, it is important to answer honestly and be true to your interests.

Sample Question 2:

I enjoy reading books in my spare time.

  1. Strongly Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Neither Agree nor Disagree
  4. Disagree
  5. Strongly Disagree


Problem Solving

The ability to solve problems under pressure is crucial for police officers. They face many situations on duty that require them to judge situations quickly and react appropriately. This exam section will test these abilities and examine your judgment and reasoning skills.

Sample Question 3:

Four witnesses saw a suspect running down the street. Their descriptions of the man are below. Which one is most likely to be correct?

  1. Black slacks and a yellow shirt
  2. Black slacks and an orange shirt
  3. Blue slacks and a yellow shirt
  4. Black slacks and a yellow jacket


Answer: A.


How to Prepare for the MPST?

To prepare for the MPST, you will want to use various study materials to cover the topics on the test. Online sample tests can provide photos for memorization, test you on your problem-solving skills, and assess your ability to apply learned information.

Those who prepare for the test are significantly more likely to do well on the exam.