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Minnesota Merit System Civil Service Exam – 2023’s Practice

Minnesota Merit System Civil Service Exam

With the security of a government paycheck and insurance benefits, as well as career growth opportunities, becoming a career bureaucrat in civil service is an aspiration of many job seekers today. Landing a job in civil service, however, means going through a rigorous assessment process. So rigorous that out of all the candidates applying for civil service jobs in the State of Minnesota only the top 15 get recommended by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the agency vacancies available in the state.

How can you get the upper hand in such a highly selective pre-employment screening process and become one of the lucky top 15 prime candidates for civil service jobs in Minnesota? Get a competitive edge right now by discovering key tips for getting hired as a civil servant in Minnesota that most civil service job seekers in the state fail to recognize.

How to Get Hired as a Civil Servant in Minnesota

To get hired as a civil servant in the State of Minnesota, regardless of the county, you must first manage to be placed on the state’s registration list of candidates eligible for civil service jobs. For this to happen, you must achieve a score of anywhere between 70 to 100% – the more, the better – on your most recently taken exam.

What Is the Minnesota Civil Service Exam?

In its essence, the Minnesota Merit System Civil Service Exam is an online assessment of your aptitude for jobs in the civil service sector conducted by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The process may take place in one or more of the following ways:

    1. A written exam
      Once your Merit System application is submitted, you will receive a unique link, via e-mail, to access a multiple-choice online civil service test. You will be required to take this exam in one sitting within a specified number of days after the submission of your application. Your specific county may or may not have different exam deadline requirements.
    2. An extended questionnaire
      Based on the information you provide on your resume and in your application, you will have your experience and training assessed and rated. The answers you provide within this or any supplemental questionnaires will help to further determine your score.
    3. An oral exam
      Once you complete the written exam and pass any supplemental questionnaires, you are usually required to go through a personal interview. It helps to further determine your qualifications as an applicant for agency vacancies.

What the Minnesota Civil Service Exam Can Mean for You

The content of the Minnesota Merit System Civil Service Exam may vary based on the particular job you are applying for:

Civil Service Job Position Aptitude Areas Being Assessed
Child Support Specialist Math and numerical aptitude, interpersonal and interviewing skills, English usage and reading competence
Staff Services Analyst (I, II) Math and statistics aptitude, interpersonal and written communication skills, reasoning aptitude
Accounting Clerk (Entry Level, Advanced Level) Expertise in accounting and bookkeeping practices and processes (entry or advanced level), math and numerical aptitude, written communication skills, ability to follow directions and procedures, data analysis aptitude, teamwork potential
Accounting Technician Expertise in accounting and auditing principles and practices, data analysis aptitude, interpersonal and written communication skills, problem-solving and teamwork aptitude
Clerical Worker (Entry Level, Advanced Level) Information categorizing and management aptitude, English language proficiency, math and numerical aptitude, reading comprehension, customer service potential, bookkeeping practices familiarity
Eligibility Worker Benefit calculations aptitude, interpersonal and interviewing skills, written communication and reading skills
Employment and Training Worker Analytic aptitude, office skills, interviewing skills, customer service potential, written communication skills, social services aptitude
Secretary Case Worker Customer service aptitude, benefit calculations aptitude, written communication and reading skills, interviewing skills
Secretary Written communication and reading skills, interpersonal skills, correspondence management skills, English language proficiency
Social Services Aide Clerical skills, interpersonal skills, written communication skills, reading comprehension
Social Worker Interpersonal and interviewing skills, analytic aptitude, written communication skills


As you can see, the logic behind the psychometrics and aptitude assessment involved in the particular position you are applying for certainly varies. Does this mean you have no other choice but to be stuck in the dark and hope that being a graduate with a degree is enough?

The answer is a resounding no. Here is what has helped countless other civil service job candidates successfully pass the required assessment and screening in their particular situations, and what will certainly help you…

How to Pass the Minnesota Civil Service Exam

When it comes to assessing your ability to pass the Minnesota Merit System Civil Service Exam, the knowledge, and skills you possess as well as your overall aptitude definitely matter in preparation for the exam. Sometimes, however, even the most experienced and competent candidates might fail to prepare and score sub-optimally due to test-related anxiety.  Based on the requirements set by the Minnesota Department of Human Services the Merit System Civil Service Examination cannot be retaken within 60 days following your most recent examination attempt. It can also not be retaken more than three times within a given calendar year. How can you ensure your success?

Your familiarity with the test is the key here. With the help of Minnesota Merit System test study guides made available by various assessment centers, you can acquaint yourself with the most recent merit test examples and explanations. MN Merit System practice tests review the most common questions and answers that other civil service job candidates had to deal with when passing their MN exam.

Following this up with regular online sample test practice will further ensure that you form adequate testing speed and confidence necessary for your success during the exam. Altogether you will be well armed against the most common formats of the test as well as its most common questions. As a result, you will experience increased levels of comfort during the MN merit test, and your success will be guaranteed.