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GATB Test Online Preparation & Tips – 2024

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What Is the GATB Test?

The General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) is a test provided by the Canadian ATS that is required for candidates who want to work as a special constable, a TTC officer, or in nuclear security in Canada.

This is a paper exam, and you will have 45 minutes to complete it. If you pass the test, your results will remain valid for three years. Those who do not pass must wait at least three months before retaking the exam. Anyone who fails a second time must wait at least six months before another attempt.

The GATB is a series of three tests you will encounter during the recruitment process to assess your aptitude and abilities in several fields.


General Learning Skills

The first test section is on general learning skills. This will examine your reasoning, judgement skills, and ability to follow directions accurately. These professions heavily rely on procedures and policies that all employees must be able to adhere to, so having these skills is essential.

Be sure to read all instructions on this test carefully to get all the details necessary to succeed in this exam section.


Clerical Perception

The ability to perform clerical functions is vital to any professional role. This exam will assess your perceptiveness, differentiation capabilities, and proofreading skills for numbers and words. It will also examine how well you can refrain from making computational errors.


Form Perception

The last exam section is form perception. This will examine how detail-oriented perceptive, and observant you are. The test will present several images, and you must compare the pictures to identify any differences. Attention to detail is vital in these fields, so it is essential to do well in this section.


How to Prepare for the GATB Exam?

Companies use this test to compare candidates and determine who would be best suited for the position. Therefore, it is essential that you not only do well on these exams but that you do better than the other applicants.

The best way to prepare for the GATB test is to use study materials such as practice tests. These will provide sample questions similar to the ones you will see on the exam to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Practice tests also provide solutions for the problems, so you know what you got correct and why you got other questions wrong. This will let you know how to approach these questions in the future, ultimately leading to a higher score.

Candidates who prepare for the pre-employment assessment will score significantly higher than those who do not. Therefore, the best way to ensure success is to give yourself adequate time to study.