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Canadian Firefighter Exams Preparation & Free Practice – 2024


Firefighters in Canada enjoy prestigious careers and high job satisfaction. The average salary for a firefighter in Canada is more than $100,000. Therefore, competition is strong for each open position. Candidates usually need to take written tests during the hiring process, and a high score on your test can help you stand out from the crowd.


What Is the Canadian Firefighter Exam?

Each fire department in Canada has its own hiring process. It is very likely that you will take a written exam during the process, but the specific test varies. The most common written tests include those listed below.


National Fire Select Test (NFST)

The NFST is used by the Ontario Fire Administration Inc., among other fire departments. There are six sections on the NFST.

  1. Reading ability: requires you to read a text about a firefighting-related scenario and answer questions about it
  2. Math reasoning: covers basic math functions including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. Some questions involve reading and interpreting a graph or chart
  3. Map reading: involves finding the most direct route from one location to another on a map
  4. Writing ability: this section includes a variety of question formats based on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary
  5. Human relations: sometimes called “interpersonal competencies.” This section describes various scenarios. You will need to identify the most appropriate and least appropriate response to the scenario from four options.
  6. Reading skills: includes several question formats based on spatial reasoning, word problems, cube rotation, identifying the next number in a series, and identifying duplicates


Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT)

The CFAT consists of 60 questions, which you have 45 minutes to answer. It includes three sections: verbal skills, spatial ability, and problem-solving.

The verbal skills section is mostly based on vocabulary. You will be asked to identify a word with the same meaning as another word, or the opposite meaning.

For the spatial ability section, you will be shown a shape (such as a box) and will need to identify what the shape looks like unfolded. On other questions, you will view the unfolded shape and identify what it would look like folded.

Problem-solving is the longest section of the CFAT. Many of the questions are based on math and logic. You might need to identify the next number in a sequence or identify other numerical patters. Concepts on this section include basic math functions, basic algebra, and word problems.


Gledhill/Shaw Fire Test

This test is used by fire departments in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, and Windsor, among others. It includes three sections: a written aptitude test, a written assessment test, and a physical test. The written aptitude test is sometimes the same as or similar to the Cooperative Personnel Services Test described in the next section.

The written assessment is also called the Occupational Skills Assessment. It takes two hours and 15 minutes and includes 250 questions. Some of the questions measure your decision-making skills and relate to handling emergencies and working with others. Other questions are based on mathematical and logical reasoning.

If you pass the written aptitude and written assessment tests, you will be eligible to complete the physical agility test. It includes components such as a stair climb, equipment carry, and ladder raise.


Cooperative Personnel Services Test (CPS)

The CPS test is often administered as part of the Gledhill/Shaw Fire Test, but it may also be given separately. It is made up of 100 multiple-choice questions which are divided into the following sections:


How to Prepare for the Canadian Firefighter Exam?

Online practice tests can help you prepare for any of the common written exams that Canadian fire departments use. These practice tests will help you improve your test-taking speed and accuracy and feel more confident on test day. Make sure to take a timed test, or time yourself, as you will have a time limit when you take the real tests.

A high score on whichever test you take for your desired job will help you move on to the next step of the hiring process. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, and you’ll be well on your way to a new job as a firefighter.


Firefighter Exam Sample Questions

  1. In a single-family home, in which room is a fire most likely to start?
    1. Kitchen
    2. Bedroom
    3. Living room
    4. Bathroom
  2. What percentage of fires occur indoors?
    1. 7%
    2. 27%
    3. 59%
    4. 75%
  3. Which option is grammatically correct? The firefighters believe that _____ captain is _____ excellent leader
    1. Their; a
    2. Their; an
    3. They’re; a
    4. They’re; an
  4. Which word is a synonym for the word Egress?
    1. Exit
    2. Entrance
    3. Wall
    4. Emergency
  5. Which tool would be best to make a hole in a brick wall?
    1. Household hammer
    2. Chainsaw
    3. Wrench
    4. Sledgehammer
  6. What is 35% of 45?
    1. 75
    2. 15
    3. 75
    4. 57


  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. D
  6. C