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The Gledhill Shaw CPS & OS Firefighter Aptitude Test Online Preparation – 2024

Firefighter Job Test Practice

What Is the Gledhill Shaw CPS & OS Firefighter Aptitude Test?

The Gledhill Shaw Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) test and the occupational skills (OS) assessment are multiple-choice exams for job seekers looking to enter the firefighting profession. The tests will assess various skills and aptitudes necessary to do well as a firefighter.


CPS Test Structure

The CPS aptitude test is a written test divided into five sections. The entire test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, and you will have a time limit of two hours. Candidates who take the CPS test must receive a score of 70 or higher to be considered passing.


CPS Mathematics

The CPS mathematics section consists of 20 questions and will assess your arithmetic reasoning and ability to use information from graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables.

A lot of mathematical reasoning is required of firefighters when on a job. For example, they need to know how long a hose must stretch or how much oxygen they have left when doing a rescue. For this reason, all firefighter candidates need to do well on this exam.


CPS Mechanical Aptitude

Mechanical aptitude and reasoning are also crucial for firefighters to use their equipment and the techniques that would be most effective on the job. Therefore, candidates will need to take a mechanical aptitude test to assess their understanding of mechanical concepts and ability to problem-solve using simple machines, tools, and concepts. This test section will have 20 questions as well.


CPS Reading Comprehension

Firefighters typically receive their orders and information through written scrolls. They must also read new equipment manuals and follow the station’s policies and procedures. Therefore, reading, comprehending, and acting on given written information is essential.

This 25-question verbal test will present several text passages that the applicant must read through and answer questions on. For example, you may have to decide whether a concluding statement is true or false based on the information.


CPS Audio Passage

In addition to written information, firefighters must also be able to understand oral communications and act on that information. Not only will they receive calls they must tend to, but the firefighters will also receive a lot of information when they get on the scene.

This 20-question test section will assess your ability to hear and comprehend oral information and use that to make decisions. It will also test your reasoning skills and critical thinking skills.


CPS People Test

The last section of the CPS exam is the situational judgement test (SJT) and the personality exam, which consists of 15 questions. Firefighters must be able to work together as a team as well as interact with the community. All firefighters need to possess good people and communication skills, as well as have a friendly and approachable demeanor and a desire to help people.

This section will provide examples of situations you may encounter as a firefighter and ask you to select the best response to the problem. For these questions, they are looking for people who act in a way that best represents the fire department and helps people.

You may also encounter some personality questions in this section to assess different characteristics and tolerances that are good for firefighters to possess. The test will provide statements, and you must determine how much you agree or disagree with each sentiment. Remember the type of person they are looking for when answering these questions.


OS Test

The Gledhill Shaw OS test is given to firefighter candidates to assess how well they work under pressure and handle emergency situations. The ability to stay calm and respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations is vital for firefighters.

Three sections are covered in the OS test:

  • Written Aptitude Test
  • Written Assessment Test
  • Physical Agility Test


OS Written Tests

The questions on the written tests will relate specifically to scenarios firefighters encounter on the job, such as emergency scenarios and workplace environments. They will also ask questions that cover mathematical and logical reasoning.

You will need to answer a total of 250 questions and have a time limit of 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the written test.


OS Physical Agility Test

Those who perform well on the OS written test will take the physical agility test.

In addition to knowing how to respond in situations and having the aptitude to perform the job well, firefighters must be physically able to perform the tasks required. Candidates must perform several tasks during the physical test, including:

  • Hose drags
  • Stair climb
  • Ladder raise and extension
  • Search and rescue
  • Ceiling breach and pull
  • Equipment carry
  • Forcible entry

Firefighters may encounter all these situations when responding to a call. Firefighting is physically demanding, and all candidates must be willing and capable of performing these tasks.


How to Prepare for the Gledhill Shaw CPS & OS Firefighter Aptitude Assessment?

Candidates applying for a firefighter position must be able to mentally and physically handle the job duties required. Only candidates who do well on all assessments will move forward in the recruitment process and have the opportunity to become a firefighter. Therefore, doing well on the Gledhill Shaw CPS and OS tests is essential.

The best way to ensure that you will get a good score on these assessments is to study. There are online resources such as sample tests, study guides, and helpful tips that you can use to help you succeed in the firefighter hiring process.

Sample tests are particularly useful because they give you a better understanding of the questions in the different exam sections. They also allow you to do a mock test and rehearse your timing to ensure you can finish within the time restrictions on the actual exam. These tests will also provide solutions to the questions so you can understand why you are answering some questions incorrectly and use that knowledge on future tests.

Study guides and tips are also essential tools for the study process. Firefighters face unique situations that a simple test cannot prepare them for. Study guides and tips will give insight into how to respond to specific emergency response scenarios or what personality traits firefighters need to possess to do well in their careers.

Applicants who take the time to use these online resources during their study process are significantly more likely to receive a high score on the various assessments. Therefore, taking advantage of these resources and giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for the exams is essential.