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Firefighter’s TPS Test Online Preparation – 2024

Firefighter Job Test Practice

What Is the TPS Firefighter Test?

Based in Indiana the company formerly known as the IPSP, which has now changed its name to Testing for Public Safety, provides written exams, interviews, and assessment exercises to police and fire departments across the United States. They provide tests to over 150 departments to help them identify the best candidates.


TPS Fire Department Tests

TPS develops written exams to the fire departments to help them identify the candidates with the best chance of making it through training. They offer study guides, as well as tutoring services to provide all entry-level candidates with an equal chance to perform well on the exams.

You will have 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete the TPS  firefighter exam. There are four sections and they include:

  • Work-Related ArithmeticYou will need to solve simple arithmetic problems and some word problems.
  • Learn and Use Technical Information – You will be evaluated on your ability to comprehend and use technical information that you will be given. It will mirror the information you were given in the study booklet.
  • Learn and Recall Visual Information – You will be tested on your ability to recall visual information such as schematics and room layouts. You will need to remember object placement and be able to identify it by a description of its use.
  • Observe and Report Events Accurately – This section of the test is used to determine how well you can remember and describe events. You may be asked to recall items you read in the study guide.


How to Prepare for the TPS Test?

Preparing for the firefighter assessment is easy if you use the tools at your disposal. TPS provides you with a study guide, so you will know exactly what you will be tested on and will be able to study. TPS also offers tutoring services, although these are optional. If you find you need extra help, speak to the fire department you are applying with, and find out if they offer the tutoring sessions. Reading the study guide is essential since many sections of the exam require you to remember information that was provided in it.

TPS provides applicants with all the tools they need to prepare themselves for the firefighter exam. If you utilize them appropriately you will have no problems achieving notable scores on the firefighter assessment test.