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Canada’s Public Service Commission Situational Judgement Test Preparation 2023

CRA Public Service Commission Situational Judgement Test

With the average annual salary ranging from $90,739 for entry-level positions to $163,408 for experienced worker, employment in Canada’s public service offers both the stability of competitive government salaries and career growth opportunities for seasoned job seekers and new graduates alike.

Being able to use your judgment ability to resolve conflict situations effectively is a valuable aptitude area for jobs in civil service. As a result, judgment ability assessment has become important in the psychometrics of the civil service testing – especially when it comes to civil service jobs involving managerial positions.

The Situational Judgment Tests (SJT tests) administered by the Public Service Commission of Canada at its online testing assessment center are good examples of civil service tests that put one’s judgment ability through a methodical assessment. Designed and administered in two versions – the Recruitment Version and the Management Version – Test of Judgment 375 is the most recent situational judgment test for civil service professionals in Canada

What to Expect from Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE) – Test of Judgment 375 (TOJ 375)

The purpose of the Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE) – Test of Judgment 375 (TOJ 375) is to put job candidates applying for officer-level positions in the Canadian federal public service through a pre-employment screening to assess their judgment aptitude based on their answers to the testing questions.

In its essence, this situational judgment test will evaluate your general problem-solving ability. Within the scope of its 40 multiple-choice questions, the Test of Judgment 375 presents you with hypothetical yet challenging situations that you might encounter at your workplace as a civil service professional. It requires you to possess and know how to effectively apply such judgment aptitude areas including your ability to:

  • Communicate and resolve interpersonal communication issues effectively.
  • Make decisions that are effective and efficient.
  • Think analytically and be able to assess complex situations.
  • Take the initiative when dealing with workplace dilemmas.
  • Take action and manage its execution.
  • Work with others as part of a team.

Each hypothetical test situation assessing the key aforementioned areas of your judgment ability will be immediately followed by a potential response action – the effectiveness of which you will be expected to assess as very effective, effective, somewhat effective, somewhat ineffective, ineffective, or very ineffective. Despite the seemingly simple test design, you will only have 60 minutes to complete the whole test.

While no prerequisite knowledge is required for the Test of Judgment 375, in order for you to pass this situational judgment test you have to score within the top 65% of a large group of previous test-takers (regarded as the normative sample). At the discretion of the hiring manager, however, the pass mark for the test may be changed to require scoring within the top 50% of the normative sample. Regardless of your results on this test, you will not be able to retake it within the 180 days following your most recent attempt.

How can you increase your chances of success and take the Test of Judgment 375 without destroying your chances of successfully getting hired for the civil service job position you aspire to fill? There is a simple solution.

How to Prepare for the Test of Judgment 375 (TOJ 375)

Successful exam preparation strategies strive to increase your confidence during the examination. You can increase your confidence by boosting your familiarity with the format of the CRA situational judgment test and the SJT-PRO testing questions and answers well in advance. With the help of online SJT prep sample practice tests and questions, rich with free SJT preparation tips, examples, and explanations, you will get to know what the civil service judgment test will be like well before you even take it. The increased levels of comfort you will experience during the examination will allow you to tap into all your knowledge and expertise needed to pass the test successfully and become one of the prime job candidates to be considered for the civil service job position you are aspiring to fill.