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Washington State Civil Service Exams Preparation 2023

Washington State Civil Service Exams

Job seekers currently on the market looking for a stable job with a decent wage might have considered working with the government. The important question is how do I land a job with Uncle Sam?

How to Apply for a Job in Washington

If you decide to apply for a job in the State of Washington, you may do so by filling out and submitting an application form online, or you may print the form, fill it out and mail it in.  Ensure that the application process is completed prior to the deadline date listed with the call for applications. Each job has different minimum requirements, which must be met in order to be considered eligible for the job.

Providing you are qualified and the agency in question deems you eligible, you will receive communication from the agency directing you to an assessment center to sit for the Civil Service Exam corresponding with the job for which you applied. Jobs requiring a pass in a Civil Service Exam will list this among the minimum requirements.

What Is the Washington State Civil Service Exam?

No two jobs are alike and therefore the state has different requirements for each job. In many cases, being a college graduate is not enough. What has become almost standard for many civil service jobs is a pre-employment assessment of your aptitude in the form of the Washington State Civil Service Exam. In order to become gainfully employed by Uncle Sam in the State of Washington, it is standard procedure that most agencies require prospective employees to sit and pass a Washington State Civil Service Exam.

The civil service exam, may be administered as written exams or done via a computer. Exam questions are generally multiple choice. The content of the exam and the skill areas tested are highly dependent on the post for which the candidate applied.

Who takes the Washington State Civil Service Exams?

Not all jobs require prospects to take an exam.  The agencies, however, which typically list this as a requirement are: 

Some clerical jobs also require candidates to pass a civil service test.

How to Pass the Washington State Civil Service Exams?

The exam serves as a means of screening job applicants, as only applicants with the top ten grades are considered for the post. Persons who pass but miss the top ten may be considered for later job openings. Simply passing is therefore not sufficient. Preparation is key to ensure that you make the top ten cut and be considered as a serious candidate for the vacancy. Your preparation should most certainly include a study guide, preferably one which has not only tips but also practice tests which provide both the questions and answers. These will no doubt give you a general idea of what to expect on the exam and how best to overcome these hurdles.


If you want to be considered as a serious candidate for jobs being offered by Uncle Sam in Washington, you need to perform exceptionally well on the Civil Service Exam. In order to do this, it is strongly recommended that the right resources are used to their full capacity.

 All the best with your job application.