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2023 Louisiana Civil Service Test Preparation

Civil Service Exams

The Louisiana Department of State Civil Service is the sole civil service authority in the State of Louisiana. In this capacity, it determines which pre-employment screening procedures guide the hiring process for all civil service jobs. As a result, its assessment centers assist civil service employers across the state with personnel selection.

Civil service testing is one of such hiring procedures. Unlike the traditional job interview, it is rid of biases and relies exclusively on the merit system. As such, it ensures that only the most capable candidates are considered for employment at government agencies and offices.


What Is a Louisiana Civil Service Test?

In the State of Louisiana, the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service both schedules and administers civil service examinations. For this reason, you can expect the format of such tests to remain the same throughout the state. As a result, LA civil service tests are predominantly computerized, time-limited and multiple-choice assessments.

While the content of some LA civil service exams can be job-specific, most of them are role-specific examinations. As such, they focus on aptitude areas crucial to each professional role the job seeker wishes to fill. As a result, by passing a role-specific examination, you automatically become eligible for every job throughout the state applicable to that professional role.


Role-Specific Tests in Louisiana

Below you will have a chance to learn more about the most popular civil service tests in Louisiana:

  • The Law Enforcement and Protective Services Exam (LEAPS) – You will need this test if you are applying for one of the entry-level jobs in Louisiana law enforcement. You will have to provide answers to up to 60 exam questions. Can you speak and write clearly and accurately in English? Are you able to deal with problems and conflicts constructively? Can you form sound judgments of various situations? If so, you will have no problem passing this law enforcement test. Learn more about the LEAPS Test.
  • The Professional Level Exam (PLE) – This exam evaluates your capacity to perform both supervisory and managerial work duties. As a result, this Louisiana civil service test can qualify you for many civil service job positions in Louisiana. This test includes up to 105 questions. The questions will evaluate areas of your aptitude such as your interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills. Read more on the PLE test.
  • The Office Support Exam (OSE) – This test determines whether you are eligible to perform administrative support and clerical duties. If you apply for jobs involving such responsibilities, you will likely have to take this Louisiana civil service exam. Can you process various forms of data efficiently? Are you able to organize and categorize information? Do you have no problems expressing yourself clearly and accurately in English? Are you comfortable with following someone else’s instructions? If so, then you will pass this test without significant issues. Prepare for the Louisiana OSE.
  • The Accounting Paraprofessional Test (APT) – This civil service exam will place under assessment your ability to perform jobs that involve accounting paraprofessional duties. Are you familiar with various accounting and bookkeeping issues and problems? Is your basic math and computing competence up to par? Are you comfortable with basic accounting practices and terms? If you answer yes to all these questions, then you are likely to pass this test. Learn more about the Louisiana Accounting Paraprofessional Test.


Job-Specific Tests in Louisiana

Despite role-specific forms of civil service examination being popular in Louisiana, you may still have to face job-specific assessments. This happens when the demands of your profession are distinct and do not fit into general role-specific exams. Such civil service jobs typically require their own types of examination.

Good examples of job-specific assessments in Louisiana include:

  • The Louisiana Police Civil Service Test.
  • The Louisiana Firefighter Civil Service Test.
  • The Louisiana Engineering Technician Test.


How to Get Employed?

Louisiana civil service tests rely on the psychometrics of the merit system of employment. For this reason, your scores must be at least 70% for you to get on to the state’s eligibility board. Making it to this board, however, is not a guarantee of successful employment. The higher your exam scores are, the higher you will be placed on the eligibility list which gives you a greater priority for hiring.

Such a system of employment ensures that only the most capable job candidates are considered for employment. With its competitive pay and other material benefits, civil service jobs in Louisiana attract many job seekers. For you to beat the competition, you need to strive to get as best an exam score as you can.

Most civil service job seekers believe that it is enough for them to be a graduate with a relevant degree or for them to have prior work experience that is valuable to their potential civil service employer. While these factors are helpful, they are seldom decisive when it comes to your employment in civil service.

How to Pass the Louisiana Civil Service Test?

The best exam preparation strategies rely on increasing your familiarity with the format of the exam you will be taking. In this regard, there are various study aids you can use, such as:

Combining these study methods will help you to increase confidence during your Louisiana civil service test. As a result, you will be able to tap into all your existing knowledge and competence and score as high on your civil service exam as you possibly can.