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9500 LEAPS Test – Louisiana Civil Service Exam Preparation

Civil Service Exams

Law enforcement is an attractive career destination for civil service job seekers. And for good reason.  From competitive government salaries and health care coverage to the vast range of diverse career growth opportunities, work in law enforcement has a lot to offer in terms of both financial and professional fulfillment.

The law enforcement hiring process relies on the psychometrics of the merit system. The tenets of this system ensure that only the most capable candidates receive employment for jobs in the public sector. Avoiding the biases present in hiring practices, such as an interview, it focuses on the use of testing.

As a result, civil service testing benefits both you and your civil service employer. As you showcase your aptitude for the job, your employer gets to hire the most capable candidate.

One such pre-employment test is the 9500 LEAPS test, required to work in law enforcement in Louisiana.


9500 LEAPS Test: Why You May Need It

The Louisiana Department of State Civil Service determines civil service testing procedures for public sector jobs and its assessment centers administer civil service examinations. For employment in law enforcement, you have to take the 9500 Louisiana Law Enforcement and Protective Services Exam (LEAPS). Below are some of the job positions in Louisiana law enforcement for which the 9500 LEAPS test is mandatory:

  • PS Police Officer ranks 1-A, 2-A, and 3-A.
  • PS Police Sergeant rank A.
  • PS Police Investigator.
  • PS Criminal Investigator ranks 1 and 2.
  • PS Park Ranger ranks 1 and 2.
  • PS ATC Agent ranks 1, 2, and 3.


What Is the format of the 9500 LEAPS Test?

The 9500 LEAPS adheres to the conventional standards of civil service exam administration. As such, it is predominantly a computerized, time-limited, and multiple-choice assessment. It determines your aptitude for many job positions in law enforcement and protective services.

The format of this civil service test is quite straightforward. You will have to provide your answers to 60 multiple-choice questions. Altogether they assess various areas of your aptitude that are crucial to your success at work in law enforcement.

To get to the state’s eligibility board, you must score at least 70% on your 9500 LEAPS test. This is considered a passing score and allows you to become eligible for work in Louisiana law enforcement. To increase your chances of employment, however, you often have to achieve scores that are much higher than that. Higher scores on the test will place you higher on the board and will give you employment priority.

Many civil service job seekers tend to overlook civil service tests as formalities. Instead, they believe that being a graduate with a relevant degree is sufficient. Exercising such attitude, however, will not improve your 9500 LEAPS test scores which are crucial to your successful employment. There is a lot you can gain from learning more about this important law enforcement pre-employment screening procedure.


What Is the content of the 9500 LEAPS Test?

The 9500 LEAPS test evaluates the aptitude areas crucial to your success in Louisiana law enforcement and protective services. Here are some details about competencies assessed:

  • Interpersonal Communication and Decision Making Skills – This section of the test consists of 13 questions. They assess your ability to deal with people effectively and to choose the most optimal responses to situational scenarios.
  • Reading Competence – In this section of the test, you will have to analyze the information within 10 passages and interpret its meaning.
  • Coding Skills – The 5 questions in this part of the test evaluate your ability to develop codes for various scenarios. For this, you will have to use the coding information available.
  • Math Aptitude – Your answers to the 7 questions in this test section will evaluate your ability to perform basic arithmetic functions. You will have to demonstrate that you can manipulate fractions, decimals, percentages, and averages.
  • English and Writing Proficiency – The 12 questions in this section will assess your knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. You will also have to demonstrate that you can express yourself clearly and accurately in writing.
  • Problem Solving Skills – The 13 questions in this section of the test will contain work-related law enforcement scenarios. You will have to analyze and resolve them using your logical reasoning skills.


How to Prepare for the 9500 LEAPS Test

You may be looking for sure-fire ways to ace through your 9500 LEAPS test. If this is the case, look no further than using the following study aids for your exam preparation:

  • Louisiana LEAPS 9500 practice test.
  • Online practice with free example questions.
  • Exam study guides with detailed explanations.
  • Case studies with sample questions and answers.

All these tools will help you to increase your confidence and fight your exam-associated anxiety. This will help you to achieve as high a score on your 9500 LEAPS test as you possibly can.