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Louisiana OSE 8500 Test Preparation 2021

Civil Service Exam Prep

Government agencies and offices always experience a vital need for efficient document flow and office operations maintenance. By meeting these demands, administrative positions allow civil service authorities to function smoothly during their liaison with the public. As a result, professional duties that administrative positions have to perform are diverse and challenging, making personnel selection for these job positions important for civil service employers.


8500-Office Support Exam: Why You Need To Take It

The Louisiana Department of State Civil Service is the sole civil service authority in the State of Louisiana. Its assessment centers determine, schedule and administer civil service examinations across the state and all of its municipalities.

In this capacity, the LA State Civil Service Department establishes testing as a pre-employment screening procedure for administrative jobs. As a result, Louisiana civil service job seekers pursuing administrative positions must take the 8500 Office Support Exam (OSE).

It is not feasible to list every administrative job position in Louisiana civil service that requests the OSE exam. Below, however, are some examples of administrative jobs in Louisiana civil service that may require this test:

  • Office Manager.
  • Project Manager.
  • Executive Assistant.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Facility Manager.

It is no secret that most of these civil service job positions come with generous material and career benefits. They include the following benefits:

  • Competitive government salary.
  • Government health care coverage.
  • Paid vacations and holidays.
  • Sick leave when you need it.
  • Government pension plan.
  • Diverse career and professional development opportunities.

As you can see, administrative job vacancies have a lot to offer. Do you have the aptitude to provide what civil service employers seek in their administrative staff? This is up for the 8500 Office Support Exam to determine.


8500-OSE-Office Support Exam: Tips on What to Expect

Civil service tests complement the more traditional hiring process techniques, such as an interview. With less bias, they allow placing your aptitude for the position in civil service you want under assessment. Relying on the psychometrics of the merit system, the exam helps you to showcase that you are the most capable candidate.

As a result, the OSE 8500 evaluates the following areas of your aptitude for administrative job positions:

  • Writing Aptitude
    This section of the office support exam will determine your working knowledge of the English language. Can you express yourself clearly and accurately in English? Are you able to do the same in writing? To showcase this, you may have to correct passages of texts with various grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary mistakes.
  • Data Skills
    This part of the test will assess your ability to sort and file information efficiently. Information processing skills and data competence are crucial to your success as an administrative support professional.
  • Ability to Follow Instructions
    This section of the exam will test whether you are able to follow both verbal and written instructions correctly. First, you will have to acquaint yourself with a set of written instructions. Then, you will have to map out an effective course of action relying on your understanding of the instructions.


How to Pass Your 8500-Office Support Exam

As is the case with most civil service exams, the Louisiana OSE 8500 Test has its own passing requirements. You must achieve a score of at least 70% on this test to get onto the state’s eligibility board. If you score less than this, you will not be qualified for performing administrative jobs in Louisiana civil service. Scores higher than this, on the other hand, will increase your chances of successful employment. Higher scores will rank you higher on the board and assign higher employment priority to you as a candidate.

Various study aids can be helpful when it comes to organizing your 8500 OSE exam preparation:

  • 8500 Office Support Exam practice test.
  • Case studies with 8500 OSE sample questions and answers.
  • 8500 OSE exam study guides with detailed explanations.
  • Online practice with free example questions.

Using a combination of these study aids will help to increase your confidence with the test. With exam-induced anxiety no longer a problem, and the knowledge of what is on the test, you will be able to ace your 8500 OSE exam.