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Geico Assessment Tests & Hiring Process Preparation – 2023

Pre-Employment Tests

What Is Geico?

Geico, an acronym for Government Employees Insurance Company, is the second-largest insurance company in the United States. Their company is best known for its mascot, the tiny green gecko.

Geico has over a dozen offices across the country including their headquarters in Maryland. The company employs about forty-thousand people in six key areas:


What Is Geico’s Hiring Process?

Geico categorizes their hiring process by position. This means that job seekers applying for positions in sales, auto damage, claims, and customer service will have a slightly different interview process than those applying for positions in corporate, technology, and leadership programs. While details such as the timeline of the interviews and the subject matter will vary, the structure of Geico’s hiring process remains the same for all roles with the company. This structure goes as follows:

  • Application
  • Initial Phone Screening
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Final Interview



Geico is very specific about what requirements one needs to have a strong application. They also ask for documents and verify the applicant’s job history, education, and other credentials. The applications take about 30 minutes to complete and will ask about the applicant’s interest in the company among other things.

If you are applying for a position in a customer-focused job—this would be auto damage, sales, claims, and customer service—you should expect to hear back about your application in twenty-four to thirty-six hours. A hiring manager will then schedule the next step of the selection process. The entire hiring process for customer-oriented positions takes anywhere from ten to twenty-five days.

If you are applying for a position in a non-customer-focused job—corporate, technology, or leadership and management programs—a hiring manager will contact you within forty-eight hours. Securing a job with Geico’s non-customer-focus area can take anywhere from three weeks to one month.


Initial Phone Screening

The initial phone screening will acquaint Geico with the applicant and vice versa. The questions will concentrate on the applicant’s resume and overall background. This includes inquiries about relevant experience, strengths and weaknesses, and details on the applicant’s resume that makes them unique. Customer-focused positions will have a brief, fifteen-to-thirty-minute phone interview while non-customer-oriented jobs will have a 30-60-minute interview.

The initial phone screening may also include a personality test. This will be sent in the email accompanying your scheduled time for the interview. It is formatted like a questionnaire and will ask applicants to rate certain character traits, actions, or scenarios based on how much they agree with them. The results of this test will tell Geico how well the applicant fits in with the company’s environment and the role.


Geico’s Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

The pre-employment tests provide Geico with an objective assessment of the candidate’s aptitude and competency. Geico has candidates convene at one of their offices for onsite testing. Candidates should expect to spend about an hour or two at the office for testing. After they have finished, candidates will be told immediately whether they have passed or failed the assessments.

Customer-focused pre-employment tests include:

  • Computer Skills
    The computer skills test is a combination of the typing skills and basic computer navigation. Geico wants to ensure basic computer knowledge so that the candidate can be fairly self-sufficient with their day-to-day tasks. It will be a timed assessment, and Geico’s minimum expectations for the candidate is being able to type forty words per minute while maintaining accuracy and providing high-quality work.
  • Multi-Tasking Test
    The multi-tasking assessment occurs in two similar rounds. Each round consists of simple math equations on one side and customer correspondence on the other. The candidate is not expected to complete every single task in the time allotted, but do not let this discourage you from working as quickly and accurately as you can.
  • Customer Simulation
    The customer simulation recreates the common interactions that an employee has with customers. The candidate will be asked to answer emails and phone calls and help the customer the best they can while maintaining company expectations. Geico usually includes one or two difficult customers to highlight how the candidate would deal with a difficult or uncomfortable situation.
  • Spatial Reasoning
    The spatial reasoning assessment is endemic to auto damage roles. The spatial reasoning test appraises the candidate’s ability to understand claims being made and properly assess them. It will be a timed, multiple-choice assessment.
  • Reading Comprehension
    The reading comprehension test is a brief assessment examining the candidate’s ability to understand correspondence, arguments, and statements. The test will require the candidates to reach plausible conclusions using arbitrary observations. Another component of the test is using proper vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. This test provides Geico with insight as to how competent the candidate will be when dealing with customers.
  • Situationa Judgement Test


The assessments for the non-customer-focused positions will be job-specific. Essentially, they will evaluate the technical knowledge someone has in regard to the role they’re applying for. Non-customer contact assessments include:

  • Numerical Reasoning
    Finance, data, and analytics-related positions will take a numerical reasoning aptitude test. The test provides a graph or table with three to five follow-up questions. Each question will have five different answer choices, and the candidate must use the evidence found in the figures to reach a resolution. Successful candidates will have a basic understanding of algebra, fractions, and statistics, and will also be able to interpret data and graphs.
  • Technical Test
    The technical test is common for those applying for IT and other technology-related positions. It features various problems that frequently occur on the job. The candidate must be able to use their prior knowledge of the subject to complete the assessment. The test is timed, and the subject matter primarily focuses on coding.
  • PSI Assessment


Final Interview

Depending on your performance during the pre-employment testing, Geico may conduct your final interview that day. If not, the candidate will be invited back the following week.

The final interview will consist of a mix of technical and competency-based questions. The people interviewing you will be a hiring manager and a key team member in the field you have applied for. They prefer the candidates to go into detail and provide specifics when asked questions about past projects, jobs, and experiences. When asked technical, job-specific questions, candidates should walk the interviewers through their thought process and explain how they came to a given resolution.

The final interview will take anywhere from thirty-minutes to two-hours. Candidates who are successful in all stages of Geico’s interview process will be offered a job about a week after the final interview. If they accept, Geico asks that they partake in a drug screening and consent to a background check before they officially offer the job.


How to Pass Geico Assessment Test?

About fifty percent of people interviewing with Geico will not make it past the pre-employment testing stage due to the scores they received on the assessments. Considering the high volume of applicants, this creates an even more competitive selection process for job seekers interested in Geico.

The best way to shine during the pre-employment testing stage is to prepare for these assessments using mock tests. These mock tests simulate the questions and conditions of the test and help you to track your progress. Many job seekers find these practice tests beneficial because they allow you to make some silly mistakes before they count against you as you familiarize yourself with the tests. They also outline how you will do on the genuine test and how much more you should practice.

Preparing for Geico’s interview process, especially the assessments, is very important if you wish to work there in the future. Spending some time doing background research on the company and thinking of thoughtful answers to the interview questions is key and can make you stand out from the other candidates. Best of luck!