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Call Center Assessment Test Online Preparation – 2024

Pre-Employment Tests
Call center assessments are used to assess those who want a position as customer service in the center. There are certain traits necessary in a person who is going to interact on the phone with customers. This test allows employers to assess whether or not applicants have those traits.


What Is a Call Center Assessment?

The call center assessment test evaluates personality, cognitive ability, and performance in job-like scenarios. The test includes a situational judgment test portion to achieve that last goal. The test itself, on the whole, looks for meticulous work ethics, the ability to empathize, patience and perseverance, a good telephonic voice, team spirit, the ability to assert, ability to adapt to change, consistency, responsibility and reliability, and capability to work in repetitive circumstances.


What to Expect on a Call Center Assessment?

The test contains two sections: self-assessment and personality-job fit as well as scenarios. There may, in some cases, be a third section known as cognitive aptitudes. The test is typically online, so test-takers will typically receive an instant summary of results.

The question format is multiple choice and has two styles. For the self-assessment sections, applicants must mark the degree to which the statement applies to you. In the situational judgment section, the test-takers must choose the option best describing your probable action in the scenario provided.


How to Prepare for a Call Center Assessment?

The personality and situational judgment sections are more about personality traits than anything else. The employer wants to see how the applicants fit with the company’s needs personality and character-wise. The cognitive portion, on the other hand, is meant to measure awareness of the most effective option to take in order to solve problems presented.

To do well on the cognitive portion, pay attention to details and use them to solve the problems. Since the test may also assess reading skills and math abilities, so make sure you read through everything carefully and mark down whatever details you may need to answer the questions.

The market is competitive, and you need scores on the test to get a position. Because of this, it is important to do your best to show that you have the qualities they are looking for. The personality and situational judgment sections will offer you the greatest opportunity to prove you have those qualities.

For the parts of the test assessing your English skills, you should brush up on basic grammar and vocabulary before taking the test. Good communication is key to being a good call center agent, so employers will want to know how good your ability to communicate in English is.



The call center assessment test is difficult since many of the questions have more to do with personality and situational judgment, which cannot really be practiced for like other types of aptitude tests. This means that it is doubly important to practice until your answers reflect the ways you fill the requirements they have for the job.

Practice and prepare for the cognitive portion much like you would with any aptitude test. That portion may not be easy, but the skills needed are more concrete in terms of preparation. After you have done that, walk into the test knowing that you are ready and can do well on the test.