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Maryland Civil Service & Police Exams Preparation – 2022

Interview Process

Working in Maryland

The state of Maryland is made up of 23 counties. It is the home of the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, as well as several other prominent colleges. Maryland supports 24 public library systems and is one of the top-ranked states for education. Due to its proximity to Washington DC, Maryland’s economy relies heavily on federal jobs, as well as the aerospace and biotechnology industry. The state of Maryland offers its civil service employees a well-rounded benefits package which includes:

  • Health benefits
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Retirement benefits
  • Student loan forgiveness
  • Reduced child care costs
  • Free mass transit benefit


What Is Maryland’s Interview Process?

Application Process

Applications for the state of Maryland civil service jobs can be found online at their official website. You can search by position, and save searches. Job seekers who do not immediately see a position they are qualified for can fill out an interest card to be alerted when a job that suits their skills may become available.


Maryland’s Civil Service Tests

Maryland does not have a specific standard required civil service test, and all requirements are posted in the job listing. A combination of education and experience is often all that is required. The exception is those looking for jobs as police officers.


Maryland’s Police Exams

There is variation in the tests based on the city or county the test taker is applying in. Most of these exams are testing for the same skills, but they may vary in the number of sections, the number of questions, and the format. Police departments will also require applicants to pass a physical test to determine if they are capable of performing the physical demands of the job.

  • Baltimore – The police examination for Baltimore, the Municipal Police Selection Test, is broken into four sections.
    • Observation and Memory – You will be given a selection of Wanted posters to review. You will then have to answer questions about details on the posters without looking at them.
    • Learning and Applying Police Information – To determine how well you can apply information, you will be given a booklet about police work to study. You will then be required to answer questions about how to apply the information in the booklet.
    • Interests – This section is used to find out more about you, and your interests, and the activities you enjoy.
    • Problem Solving – You will be given a series of police-work related situations, and must use your best judgment as to how to find the best solution
  • Howard County – The police exam for Howard County consists of 5 sections and 100 questions.
    • Interpretations – This will measure your ability to read and comprehend graphs and charts.
    • Verbal Problem Solving This tests your problem-solving ability by giving you lists of facts and a conclusion. You will have to decide if the conclusion is true or false based on the facts.
    • Reading Comprehension Tests how well you understand written information.
    • Writing Skills – Measures your ability to write coherently and describe an event.
    • Qualitative Problem Solving This section tests your skill at identifying patterns.
  • Frederick – The police exam for Frederick is provided by CWH Research. It is made up of 168 questions, and you will have 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete it. Like the Baltimore and Howard County test, it evaluates your reasoning, communication, situational judgment, reasoning, and other basic skills.
  • Montgomery County – The Montgomery County examination is made up of both a written exam and an interview. The written section is multiple-choice and is made up of 100 questions. You will have 3 hours to complete the written portion. The Qualifications Appraisal Board interview will follow the written exam. This is a 9 question interview which will be given by a three-person panel.
  • Ocean City and Salisbury – The Ocean City and Salisbury police tests are provided by Stanard and Associates. The National Police Officer Selection Test helps determine the applicant’s basic skills. The test is multiple choice and will test mathematical ability, reading, grammar, and report writing. It consists of 75 questions, and you will 75 minutes to complete the test.

Learn more about Maryland’s police officer exams.


How to Prepare for Maryland’s Civil Service Tests?

To prepare for the tests, make certain you are aware of the guidelines for your city. Practicing reasoning and logic, through crosswords and logic puzzles will help sharpen your reasoning skills. Brushing up on your mathematical abilities. Take time to work on your memory, through looking at pictures, or memory games, since this is something that most cities will test for. Read all the materials provided to you thoroughly and make sure you understand them. Pay careful attention to the test directions to prevent careless errors. Above all, stay calm and approach the tests with confidence. Practice and careful studying will help you pass the exams and become an important part of the state of Maryland.