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Sales Assessment Test Online Preparation & Tips – 2024

Pre-Employment Tests

The sales aptitude test is a combination of various test sections, but it is most similar to a personality test. It has some differences, but employers use it to better understand the candidate that they are considering for the position. As such, the test is extremely influential.


What Is the Sales Aptitude Test?

As mentioned earlier, this assessment is somewhat like a personality test. It explores what motivates candidates in addition to the values and interests intrinsic to their perspectives. The test analyzes three dimensions: sales skills, personal skills, and job skills.

The focus of the test in those areas is on behavior, attitudes, values, and the skills necessary for a sales representative to be successful. The test is fairly easy to prepare for in comparison to some of the other tests, but the ease in preparation comes more from knowing what is involved than it does from actual simplicity of the test.


Forming Expectations for the Assessment

The content of the sales aptitude test focuses on the working environment of the sales representative. As such, the test typically involves multiple-choice formats and questions relating to the specific knowledge of job skills and skills that are inherent to the sales profession. It is intended to measure your ability to use that information, think on your feet, and effectively sell the product. Make sure that each answer reflects those traits and abilities.

The test is usually administered online, but some employers may prefer to give it in a paper and pencil format too. The test itself is split into self-assessment, scenario, and cognitive aptitude portions. In the self-assessment arena, applicants must rate statements on a scale for how much or how little it applies to them. The scenario section asks graduates and job-seekers to show what action they would take in the given set of circumstances. And, finally, the cognitive aptitude section focuses on the more typical areas of aptitude such as reading skills, basic math skills, attention to details, and other similar abilities needed for success.


How to Prepare for a Sales Aptitude Test?

The sales aptitude test looks for a few specific skills:

  • Ability to manage hostile reactions
  • Talent for questioning and listening
  • Ability to prospect for clients
  • Ability to kick a goal and close sales
  • Teamwork capability
  • Knowledge of products and markets
  • Enthusiasm and the will to succeed
  • Initiative
  • Acceptance of accountability
  • Open to criticism

Understanding these attributes and skills will help any applicant to prepare for this exam. Since the questions are focused on understanding how the applicant may fit into these core values and skill sets, the goal is to prepare for answering the questions in a way that shows how you as an individual fit those needs.

It is also important to realize that a sales interview often goes hand-in-hand with the aptitude test for sales. That means that there will be more questions focused on seeing how each candidate fits the company’s needs. Often the interview or test will require applicants to give an example of a sales scenario that was challenging but that they completed well. Prepare that example ahead of time so you are aware of what you want to say. Then, answer the questions in a way that illustrates possession of these traits.


Tips for Success

  • Think like a sales employee when answering questions
  • Read all questions carefully
  • Do not worry about the time on the personality test, if there is one, as there will be ample time to take it
  • Familiarize yourself with the company’s products or services before hand if possible
  • If you are uncertain about the research on frequently asked questions on the company or the most common customer objections to products, ask the company’s sales manager or director
  • Use free trials or tests to understand where you are in preparing
  • Do some role-play sessions with friends or family members, then ask them to assess how likely they would be to buy a product from you
  • Take time to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses
  • Know what areas of weakness you need to focus on improving the most before the assessment test



Although the sales aptitude assessment may not be the most difficult test to prepare for, it is imperative that you do not take the preparation and practice period lightly. Brushing up on skills and areas where you struggle is important to your success. It makes the difference between a good score and a low one. Since the test is influential, take preparing seriously, and then go into the test with confidence that you can ace it.