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EEI Customer Service Representative Test (CSR II) Online Preparation – 2024

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Working in a call center can get hectic. You need to have good customer service skills, know how to find the information you need to assist the customer and be able to work quickly and efficiently.

This is why customer service, billing department, and other customer-facing jobs in the electric industry are given the CSR II test. This is the updated version of the Customer Service Representative test developed by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). The EEI is an organization formed by investor-owned electric companies in the US, which develops standardized tests to guarantee consistency across the industry.


What Is On The CSR II?

The CSR II is a job simulation test. Each section of the test recreates tasks you would be performing while working in an electric company call center. The test is divided into five sections.



This is a 72-question personality evaluation, which is split into two parts. Each section has a 7-minute time limit. The evaluation presents you with a descriptive statement, and you must decide how well it describes you.



This portion of the test battery is all about data entry. You will be tested on two separate ways of receiving information and entering it accurately. Each part of this test has a 5-minute limit.

  • Read and Type – The information you need to enter will appear on the screen and you need to accurately transcribe it.
  • Listen and Type – This section is a bit more challenging. You will listen to customer calls, and the information you need to type will be given to you verbally.

The goal here is to be accurate as well as quick.


Customer Interaction Simulation

This is a simulation of how to handle a customer call. There will be three customer calls. You will answer questions about each call, by looking through the customer account information. You will need to balance the customer needs with the company policies which you will have available to you. You are being evaluated on how well you handle customer calls, your ability to do basic arithmetic when necessary, and how well you can understand written information.


Customer Chat Simulation

Many companies are now offering virtual chats as a customer service option. A customer chat simulation is now a part of the CSR II to ensure that candidates are able to communicate effectively through a text chat. The focus here is on proper spelling and grammar, the ability to do basic arithmetic, and customer service. You will have two customer chats and a 16-minute time limit.


Email Simulation

This is a sample of the emails customer service reps may receive. You must be able to answer the questions in the email which requires good reading comprehension, basic arithmetic skills, good reasoning ability, and good spelling and grammar. You will have 20 minutes to complete all 6 emails in the simulation.


How to Prepare for the EEI CSR Assessment?

When preparing for any of the Edison Electric Institute tests you have a distinct advantage. The institute makes brochures and practice tests available, and you can usually find links to these on the website of the company you have applied with. Using the brochures and the practice tests help you identify the areas you need to practice, and give you an idea of the question format.

To prepare for the CSR II practicing data entry will benefit you greatly. Find a way to copy the listening and keyboarding simulation, since this can be more difficult than reading and entering information. Any reading you do can help your reading comprehension, which is helpful for most portions of the test battery. Practicing basic arithmetic is also helpful since some of the test questions will require you to answer some math problems.