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MASS Test Preparation 2024

MASS Test Practice

Electric companies have relied on the Edison Electric Institute otherwise known as EEI to administer their pre-employment screening exams to test job applicants at just about all job levels. These may take the form of a general aptitude test in areas relevant to the field, or a psychometric evaluation. The MASS test, administered by EEI, is used to assess job seekers interested in maintenance related jobs.

What Is the MASS Test?

The MASS test is a pre-employment test used in the hiring process for prospective employees involved in power plant maintenance. An analysis conducted by Personnel Decisions Research Institute of Minneapolis over the course of four years, which involved 40 EEI members, led to the development of the MASS test. The research concluded that the MASS test is a sound method to predict the likelihood of success for a candidate in the job fields listed below:

  • Electrician
  • Mechanic
  • Machinist
  • Welder
  • Painter
  • Instrument Repairs

The MASS and POSS test are comparible, as the POSS test may be given to aid in the selection process of maintenance workers at hydro and nuclear power plants.

The MASS test has no negative marking. The scores of all four parts are collated into a single index. The score is used as an indicator of the prospective employee’s likelihood of job success. Therefore persons who perform the best have an increased chance of being hired.

MASS Test Sections

The EEI MASS test consists of four sections and is given over a two hour period. Each section and their contents are outlined below:

  • Mechanical Concepts – A 20-minute long test consisting of 44 multiple-choice questions. The test measures your grasp on mechanical principles and your ability to put them to use.
  • Assembling Objects – The test assesses the candidate’s ability to correctly assemble objects, devices, and the like. Illustrations of parts are shown, and the candidate must express how to complete the assembly correctly. This section is made up of 20 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in 15-minutes.
  • Mathematical Usage – This is the shortest of the four tests at 7-minutes long to answer 18 multiple choice questions. The test assesses the candidate’s aptitude for basic mathematical computations. The candidate is presented with information which he or she must later use to solve simple mathematical problems.
  • Reading Comprehension – Reading and understanding information, typically seen in power plant reference guides, is assessed. 36 multiple-choice questions, based on five given texts, must be answered within the allotted 30 minutes.


How to Pass the MASS Test?

A good grade is usually the aim of any exam candidate, and it should most certainly be the aim of MASS test candidates. Candidates who obtain high scores are most likely to advance further in the job application process, which means that candidates should be giving this exam their all to ensure they score the job for which they have applied.

Preparation plays a key part in achieving optimum marks in the exam and should be taken seriously. There are many resources available to help you prepare for the exam, and it would be wise to use as many of them as possible. One of the places many people overlook is online forums, which can be a big help. You can easily get tips from persons who are currently preparing for the exam or people who have previously taken the exam. These persons may also be able to assist with any queries you might have.

Your MASS test practice cannot be considered complete unless you have tackled practice exams. While study guides and exam tips play their role, there is no doubt that practice tests are critical to any exam preparation process as they help to give you an idea of the types of questions that you may encounter in the exam. Practice tests that provide both questions and answers are always the best as they provide a benchmark, which can be used to help make informed assessments of your own answers.


Whether you are a college graduate, seasoned in the art of taking exams or you are still a newbie to the world of exams, the formula is pretty much the same. Spend your time preparing adequately and your chances of passing, and doing well increases.

Be ready and all the best!