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EEI’s CAST Test Online Preparation, Tips & Free Practice Questions – 2024

EEI CAST Test Practice

Pre-employment screening via psychometric analysis or aptitude tests has been part of the hiring process for years. Companies such as Edison Electric Institute (EEI) has been instrumental in developing these tests for the energy and electricity industry. The CAST test is one such test, which was developed by EEI.

What Is the CAST Test?

The Construction and Skilled Trade Occupations Test, otherwise known as the EEI CAST test, is a series of paper-based exams, which are used in the construction and skilled trades fields for power companies. The CAST test was created with the collaborative effort of 34 EEI members. The test predicts the likelihood of a candidate’s success in performing the following jobs:

  • Electrical Repair
  • Carpentry and General Facilities Repair/Maintenance
  • Vehicle Repair
  • Meter Service & Repair

The CAST test scoring metric is quite simple. The scores from all four test sections are combined into a single score. The index ranges from one to ten, with ten being the highest.  The test grade is an indicator of potential job performance, therefore the higher the score, the greater the chance of receiving a job offer.


CAST Test Sections

The CAST test has a total time of one hour and 27 minutes but is usually administered over a 2-hour period at a designated assessment center. Below are the four parts of the CAST exam:

  • Graphic Arithmetic – The test assesses the candidate’s ability to solve arithmetic equations from graphs and drawings. The candidate is presented with two images and a total of 16 arithmetic questions related to the images. The candidate must complete this section in 30 minutes.
  • Mechanical Concepts – This section is a 20-minute test consisting of 44 multiple-choice questions associated with a mechanical situation, which is presented to the candidate via an illustration. The test assesses the candidate’s understanding of mechanical principles and concepts.
  • Reading for Comprehension – The candidate is presented with four passages and a series of 32 multiple-choice questions related to these passages. The test serves as an assessment of the candidate’s ability to read and understand written information. This section must be completed in 30 minutes.
  • Mathematical Usage – This is the shortest section of the test at 7 minutes. The test assesses candidate’s ability to solve basic mathematical problems. The test consists of 18 multiple-choice questions.

Free Sample Questions for Practice

Example 1:


Example 2:

Solve for x.

x + 5 = 3 (1 – x)

  1. x = 2
  2. x = 1/2
  3. x = -1/2

Example 3:

Use the drawing below to answer the example question. (Please note it is not drawn to scale.)

eei cast sample question

The belt drive above was constructed using 50 meters of belt. What is the value of x shown in the diagram?

  1. 15 meters
  2. 5 meters
  3. 96 meters
  4. 44 meters
  5. N

Example 4:

Example 5:

Read the passage below to answer the example question.

1When John opened his retail business he faced a lot of competition. 2There were already a few stores in his town selling personal home and care products, small foods, and snacks. 3He thought it impossible to sell all the big-name goods and mimic their quality products if he ever decided to make them under his own brand. 4Still, he trucked through his doubt and decided to open his Variety Market shop, starting with a few recognizable brands in many different departments. 5To his surprise, the townspeople were excited about the variety of his goods, and in a few months he was already making enough profit to start thinking about expanding to nearby towns for their business.


What does the word “trucked” best mean in sentence 4?

  1. drove
  2. powered
  3. ignored
  4. accepted
  5. N

Example 6:

Use the table below to answer the example question.

metric conversion table EEI test example

2 US tons = ? gigagrams.

  1. 4 Gg
  2. 2 Gg
  3. 45 Gg
  4. 81 Gg
  5. 91 Gg



  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B
  6. D

How to Pass the CAST Test?

The higher your grade, the greater your chances of being hired. This is an indicator of how important this exam is and why you not only need to pass the exam but ace it. Pretend that it’s your final semester of college, and you’re about to take your last exam to graduate, but to maintain that 4.0 GPA you need an A. It’s like that, but with a more tangible outcome.

That being said, the best place to start your preparation process is to seek out study guides and exam tips, which can readily be found online. These provide you with some much-needed insight into the exam layout and the type of questions you might expect.

To get a better feel for the questions it is best to attempt a CAST practice test. The test usually comes with both questions and sample answers, which you are then able to compare with your responses. Doing the practice test under exam conditions would most definitely be helpful in assessing how well you might perform on your exam.


Your success in the exam boils down to how well you prepare. Just remain focused and as expressed earlier think of it as a do or die exam with a huge incentive on the other end. Anything that keeps you motivated to do well, do it!

All the best with your preparation and all the best with the exam.